Kpop Review: Cry by MBLAQ

Cry is one of the two title songs (the other being Stay) from MBLAQ’s first full-length album BLAQ Style. Cry is an R&B track composed by E-Tribe, and arranged by E-Tribe and Lee Chi Woo.


  • Excellent dance. From sexy to passionate, it was artfully choreographed.
  • The English isn’t too awkward, and when it’s used it’s well placed.
  • Underwater dancing.
  • The rapping is incredibly good.
  • Another music video where it RAINS on the guys…


Basically, this song is about a woman who has left MBLAQ for another guy. MBLAQ is incredibly miserable. They want her back, badly, so they sing about themselves crying… Okay. At first, this song struck me as just a pretty R&B song that I could add to my music library. However, this one grew on me ALOT. Give it a chance if you haven’t already.

VOCALS: This song was pretty much smothered in Joon’s voice. It’s not a bad thing though, Joon is a strong vocalist. I feel that they don’t give the leader Seungho enough lines, and the lines they did give him… “Don’t trust women” and “you will regret it”? That’s character. G.O was given a healthy amount of time to sing, and he delivers it meaningfully. He’s got this growlly timbre that you’ll either like or hate, and with this song, I enjoy it. I’m glad they gave the rappers Thunder and Mir some singing time too. It showcases their talent and makes the whole group look great. The powerful vocals of the song balanced with its soulful instrumentals, making this a wonderful listen.

RAP: Thunder and Mir said their parts excellently. I really liked their English parts (Thunder’s “I need you in my life” and Mir’s “huh it’s okay cause” sound unexplainably fantastic). 5 stars out of 5, I say.

LYRICS: It falls in the typical “lover left me” category of Kpop. For most Kpop listeners, it’s a sad song about she who left he for him. For people new to Kpop, they would find “oh baby you make me cry” a little… Gay? STOP BEING CLOSE MINDED PEOPLE!!! Excuse me. The lyrics are beautiful. If a guy tried to take me back with this song, I would come running to him.

MUSIC VIDEO: There isn’t a storyline to the music video. It’s pretty much MBLAQ singing and dancing. There are some parts where they’re “dancing” underwater… Really, all they’re doing underwater is posing and moving. They also do the overused “dance in the rain because it’s symbolic and relevant to the song”. I hope they didn’t get sick afterward. Their makeup stands out in the latter part of the video, why? It’s uneven. It might bother some at first, but it sorta makes sense during the DITRBISARTTS (dance in the rain…) sequence. The uneven makeup hows that they were crying, without them getting their faces dirty with smeared makeup. Smart, smart. 

DANCE: One thing that stood out to me was a particular part of the choreography. The moves where they’re singing “ottoke” and “kkamake”… Isn’t that a little sexy for a song about crying? Then again, they give Joon a 5 minute long lip rub (okay, 3-4 seconds. But how long does it take to rub your own lip, 1/10th of a second?). It’s a great dance (keyword: PASSIONATE, I’ve overused that word in this review). However, imagine Jokwon from 2AM dancing to this…

OVERALL: This song is a pretty solid listen. People say MBLAQ is Bi Rain divided up into 5 people. I can see where they say this, with Rain being their mentor, but I find MBLAQ is a good (but growing, still growing) group that can be well distinguished, especially with this track Cry.

(Watch with English Subs, Romanization, and Hangul, credit kpopsubs)


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