Kpop Review: Pinocchio (Danger) by f(x)

Pinocchio (Danger) is the lead single from f(x)’s first full length album “Pinocchio”.


  • An interesting, funky song (typical of f(x) though).
  • Easy to remember phrases.
  • It’s… Weird and hard to understand. I have an interpretation of the lyrics, however (read below).
  • The scary flying bubble Pinocchio head is just… Weird!


Normally, I’d write out the basic idea of the theme of the song here. However, Pinocchio has incredibly confusing lyrics. Skip to the “LYRICS” section below for my interpretation of Pinocchio. At first, I was a little disappointed, since I expected something super punk and electro like NU ABO. Pinocchio has grown on me though, as f(x) has a lot to offer.

VOCALS: There really isn’t much to say. Luna and Krystal are the strongest vocalists, thus they sang the most. Technically Amber got a non rapping line. All she did was talk though, I don’t have a talking category (she sounded pretty cool though). Sulli and Victoria have seriously improved their voices. No one can deny that they can sing. They’re just not as powerful as Krystal or Luna. Recently, I’ve been questioning who the lead vocalist is. I know it’s Luna, but Krystal has about as much lines as Luna. The lead doesn’t need all the lines, I understand, but it’s just that Krystal is really strong that I had second thoughts.

RAP: Those crazy Amber fans just want her to rap a whole song. She had approximately 8 seconds to shine. I feel that her rapping is a little… Unexciting. Perhaps it’s the song given, I loved her rapping in Chocolate Love.

LYRICS: The lyrics seem incredibly random and unrelated (it talks about gemstones to pastries to doctors, it’s just confusing). This song is named after Pinocchio, the famous Walt Disney puppet notorious for his nose extending in length whenever he told a lie. I think this another incredibly metaphoric love song by the f(x) girls. I have an interpretation of the song: f(x) sings about a guy they’ve noticed, whom they know nothing about. He’s telling lies to hide from them (“remember me?” as if he lied to run from they but they found him). The girls are either in “danger” of being told another lie, or in “danger” of falling harder for him. Either way, they like him so they want to find out more about him “piece by piece”. They find the chase of this bad boy makes them curious and excited. They want to make their own assumptions of this bad guy based on the little they know (“I’ll assemble you to my heart’s desire”). In the rap, they want to find the key to get to the end of the maze (the truth? In which the maze is his complicated lies of dead ends and complication). They don’t want his lies to hurt them (MATRIX reference). Everyone thinks he’s perfect, but f(x) knows he’s bad, and they know he lies, yet they still want him. It’s really confusing. I had a million other interpretations, but with each line, my previous interpretations instantly made no sense. In the end, I think I will wait for f(x) to explain Pinocchio’s real meaning, if any.

MUSIC VIDEO: The video is basically the girls dancing in weird costumes in interesting rooms, lip syncing, and paying abnormal attention to a flying Pinocchio head. None of this surprises me however. There was this random part of the video where the girls stand as random outfits are being flashed rapidly on them (I can’t explain it). I wondered how they managed to keep their entire bodies in the same position while having to change into different clothes. I felt like this whole video focused on Krystal. Has she always been in the center most the time? I was happy that it gave Luna a lot of face time though.

DANCE: The dance is cute, in it’s expected weird f(x) way. There’s nothing sex related to it. NU ABO, they pull up their shirt in the chorus, which isn’t really sexual, but clearly not very innocent either. There’s this interesting part with Victoria in the middle where they squarely frame their heads with one arm, and with the other arm they put their hand on the opposite cheek, then raise that opposite arm to frame their heads! That part was so cool, I learned it in the teaser. There’s some parts in the chorus which I don’t like, but it’s a matter of taste. In skill, these girls are great. They have undeniable swagger.

OVERALL: This song is pretty good. Definitely not your everyday typical kpop song, but nonetheless interesting. Honestly, I prefer NU ABO, but both of the songs have distinctly different flavors. They don’t compare on similar scales. I suggest listening to this one for yourself, to see whether it suits your tastes or not. I know I’ll have random urges to listen to it every now and then, but for me, this song isn’t something I’d put on replay.

(English subs, Romanization, and Hangeul credit kpopsubs)


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