Kpop Review: It’s You by Super Junior

It’s You is the second promotional single from Super Junior’s third studio album “Sorry Sorry”. It’s You is an R&B pop song written and produced by E-Tribe.


  • It’s an addictive R&B pop mix; melancholy, yet energetic.
  • Very strong beat (adds to its addictiveness).
  • 3 music videos versions: the official version, the story mv, and the dance mv, each with its own distinct flavor (discussed below).
  • Well designed choreography.


The song describes that basically, no matter what happens, “it’s you”. No matter if they got hit by a bus (God forbid) or if you hate them and want them to get hit by a bus (GOD FORBID!), “it’s you”. It’s a sweet, emotional yet poppin r&b track. To anyone who finds Super Junior trashy or untalented, throw this one at them. It’s bound to change their opinion.

VOCALS: Having 13 members all trying to fit in and sing at this time, it’s not easy to discuss the vocals. Many of the members had little, if no lines. I do like that EVERY member (except maybe Kibum) sang, INCLUDING mister-amazing-dancer-rapper-but-rarely-ever-singer Shindong. I admit, Shindong can’t serenade anyone the way Kyuhyun or Ryeowook could, but hey Shindong is a DANCER and RAPPER. He would clearly focus more on those areas than singing. Besides, admit it: you were impressed the big guy could sing. Yesung performed superbly, with his powerful adlibbing at the end of the song. This is one of the many Super Junior songs where I adore Donghae’s voice. I sort of wish he were a main vocalist. I can’t describe the rest of the members in detail, but what they all had in common was the melancholy in their voices: they were full of emotion.

RAP: There isn’t a rap. Our rappers (Eunhyuk and Shindong) sing.

LYRICS: One could take the lyrics about 2 ways:

  1. The Super Junior boys are miserable, losing their love. It’s you, over and over, they’re twisting in agony and singing like their hearts are going to shatter into millions of irreversible pieces. How could any person dare leave them? This is the ultimate romantic love song that one would dedicate to their exes.
  2. The lyrics are stalkerish. Clearly, they have been rejected, yet they keep on chasing and chasing. They are obsessed creepers, using numerous poetic devices to describe their relentless feelings. This song could make a girl get a sex change (will they still sing “neorago” after that?) and move into an underwater abyss.

MUSIC VIDEO: There are 3 music videos to this song: the dance version, the drama version, and the official version. The dance is just them dancing the whole song. The drama version consists of the Super Junior members walking around this town lip syncing and looking miserable… IN ONE SHOT. It’s pretty impressive, as each member would have to walk in at a specific time at a specific places in order for the camera guy to catch to record them at their singing time. The official version is a combination of the drama version, dance version (with sparkly effects, though I’ve found some official videos without the sparkles), and a few places where the guys just sit, look miserable, and lip sync.

DANCE: The dance is enormous, artful, and well synchronized, typically expected of Super Junior. The “oh-oh-only for you” heartbeat part never fails to impress me (Eunhyuk, Donghae. and Shindong’s heartbeats are just wow). Heechul gets a cool moment where he walks in and does his solo (because of a car accident. Thus his solo was understandable, and still awesome). This dance is just lovely.

OVERALL: This is one of my most played songs ever. It’s sad, but not sappy. Exciting, but you could sleep to it (which I have done many times). There’s a good balance and blend in this song. If you know anyone turned off from Super Junior because of their poppy songs like “Sorry Sorry” or “Bonamana”, or from their rock pop like “Don’t Don” or “Twins (Knockout)”, let them listen to this sadder side of Suju.

(Drama Version)

(Dance Version)

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit the reuploader and kpopsubs)


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