Dance (SLOW/MIRROR): Don’t Stop/Freeze by Block B

I’m taking a break from deathly AP test studying to bring a treat:

Guess what it is… It’s a link to a mirrored and slowed dance version of Block B’s Don’t Stop/Freeze! Details below.

*Update: I made the video public and embedded it before the continue reading line. It also has English subs, credit kpopsubs1 and sasa1314sisi (although I grammarized some of it). Support Block B!

For the most part, I did not make this. mirrorHD uploaded a mirrored version of Block B’s Don’t Stop/Freeze using live performances and parts of the music video. All I did was slow it, edit out the exploding part near the end (clearly, no one can jump, blow up into confetti, condense back and fall back down at an easy dancing rate), and replace mirrorHD’s original clip of Kyung rapping with the actual dance that happens at that point. Although that part is bad quality, it was a fancam and the only one I could find.

It may be a little bit offsync. But I think that when you get up to tempo, a few milliseconds will matter little.

I’m really liking Block B. People are critizing them, calling them Big Bang wannabes, but honestly I don’t see the resemblance. People just need to stop hating and comparing. The guys were born with those voices, born with those faces, they all worked hard to debut and they’re all talented. Someone open the eyes of these people, these two bands are two different crayons.

It’s on my account. It’s unlisted as of 4/30/11, honestly because I want to learn and make a dance cover before I make it public (I’m being so greedy, I know).

Credit mirrorHD and the respective owners of the performances for the footage.


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