Kpop Review: 0330 by U-Kiss

(Full Version)

0330 is the title song from U-Kiss’ EP “Bran New Kiss”.


  • 2 music videos: a “full” version (the video above) and a drama version.
  • Pretty melancholy and catchy.
  • A refreshing track from U-Kiss, who usually makes very violent-like (um, “Shut up” and “Man Man Ha Ni” aka “Am I That Easy”) electromagnetic mega autotuned pop songs.
  • Yes, “Bran” is spelled wrong on purpose.
  • The rap can be a bit questionable at first, to an English speaking fan (“La la ‘don’t deny our r squared pi’, wait what???”)
  • Introducing Mr. Amazing vocals Soohyun as the leader of U-Kiss
  • Introducing AJ, a new (well, actually widely known) rapper, and Hoon, a new (see (info) above) singer
  • Introducing… The departure of Alexander and Kibum (gasp!)


This is a typical miserable kpop track about missing a girl who left them. Oh wah. It’s a lot more poetic than I describe. Tune in below.


There are a lot of fans bashing on Hoon, not because Hoon is bad (he’s really good), but because they are hurt due to the forced departure of Alexander and Kibum. Fans, don’t hate him. This guy has looks and an angel worthy voice. Welcome him into the U-Kiss family.

Can I say it? I’m gonna say it (Warning: biased fan girl moment). SOOHYUN SOUNDED SO AMAZING! You can really hear how purely lovely his voice is in this ballad, contrary to the autotuned and almost soulless sounding singing in the other U-Kiss songs (such as “Bingeul Bingeul” and especially “Shut up”).

Kevin sounds all cute and high pitched and well pronounced and good as usual. I have little to say, except…

Is it just me, or have Kevin and Soohyun’s roles died down? It’s true, basically. Those two used to dominate the verses of their songs, but now with the addition of two new amazing members, they’ve suddenly had less screen time. I’m not complaining, but it’s just one of the first reactions I had.

I’m not forgetting Kiseop. No no. Again, he is another reason why stubborn Kissmes are bashing Hoon and AJ: because Kiseop was in the group before them, yet has less lines than them. I understand the frustration, but let’s get this straight. Kiseop is the LEAD DANCER. I’m not saying all lead dancers have bad singing or rapping, but Kiseop’s singing compared to Hoon’s is less strong. Kiseop could probably carry any old tune well (at least better than most people), but wouldn’t it be wiser (track wise and live performance wise) if the stronger vocalist get those longer parts? And I don’t think Kiseop is a rapper, haha. I’m not hating on Kiseop. I’m just venting my frustration at haters. Anger aside, Kiseop sang his one line very well. Hopefully, in the future he will get more voice time.

I loved the vocals. They all sang the same thing (minus Kiseop), but they manage to make each of their parts with their certain timbre of flavors. It’s gorgeous to listen to.

RAP: Can I say hurray for no fobby English? Everything makes grammatical sense, and the English lines are all pronounced without the Asian accent! It’s very refreshing (not surprising though, as 3 of them are fluent English speakers).

AJ is really talented. He’s got the voice, the stage swagger, speaks English, and has the rap writing skills. He wrote that incredibly, INCREDIBLY poetic but random and almost mood destroying “r squared pi” line. Once people take that line super metaphorically, you will appreciate it just a little bit more than before.

I like Eli’s rapping. I can’t say much about it that relates to the song… I loved Eli’s Man Man Ha Ni rapping because it was badass, but this is a sad song so it’s completely unrelated…

Last, but not least, face of the group and maknae Dongho has come out and impressed me! He seems more soft and boyish here than in Shut Up (none of that oppa talk in 0330, hehe), and it fits perfectly with the melancholy vibe (talented actor, dancer, rapper boy).

The rapping, for such a sad song, was fitting. It didn’t blow me away, but I was quite satisfied with it.

LYRICS: “Bissori”! That word sounds so cool. The title “0330” stands for the date it was released and the length of the track. It’s also a time, shown in the music video as the clock changes to 3:30. Very memorable, isn’t it? Now, onto the most controversial line in the song: “Don’t deny our r squared pi”. The typical 1st reaction is “what, math?!” But there’s nothing to fear. It’s simply the largest extended metaphor in the history of Kpop English Rap. This is my take at it (which may not be 100% true, but it’s my guess). “Pi r^2” is the equation for finding the area of a circle. Circle is a metaphor to the Earth. The Earth is the world. The world can be an interpretation for a romantic relationship (ahem, Justin Bieber, “I can give you the world, or you can share mine”). So it’s basically “Don’t deny our love”. Does that make sense? There are many other interpretations, look them up! They all show how poetic (though ridiculous) this line is.

MUSIC VIDEO: As stated at the top, U-Kiss released 2 versions of the music video for 0330: the “full” version and the “drama” version. The full version… Seems like the “drama/sit-pose-sing/dance” version, while the drama version seems like the “drama/sit-pose-sing-more/no dance” version. Yes, the drama version has a few more drama scenes than the full version, but admit it: both versions probably confused you about the story line. Basically, boy meets girl. Girl disappears. Boy delusional. Boy’s friends help boy. Men hold hands on a rooftop and sing, with a sunset behind them. Aww.

DANCE: Did anyone notice the shoulder shimmy dance at the beginning during AJ’s solo rap? No one seemed to notice/be bothered by it (I saw people criticize Infinite’s shimmying in their “Nothing’s Over” dance, so U-Kiss’ made me wonder). I LOVE the walking-turning-go-on-tiptoes-raise-hand dance during the chorus! It just seems emotional… Somehow… Maybe it’s their voices and acting.

OVERALL: This is a beautiful song. If you were turned off by their super scary pop, this song will blow you away. It’s gorgeous. It’s a sweet fountain of broken hearted melancholy, bubbling with feeling. It carries you away. Antis who think these guys aren’t talented, or anyone in general, listen to this song. It’s worth the 03 minutes 30 seconds.

(Drama Version)

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit kpopsubs)

(Credit: bing images for the photos, Kpopsubs1 for the subbed video)


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