Kpop Review: Hello Hello by FT Island

Hello Hello is the title track from FT Island’s mini album “Return”.


  • It has this amazing circus feel (kind of like their song Love Love Love). It’s kind of dark, kind of exciting, kind of amazing.
  • Um, “hello hello, oh nan, COOL-PIE COOL-PIE”. (Yes, I know it’s goodbye, but he’s used it more than once repeatedly in multiple songs. By now, I would have hoped that he would figure it out).
  • This song gives a small, but glorious limelight to the other vocalist of the band, Jaejin!
  • A super impressive rap from Seunghyun.
  • I’m glad Hongki didn’t bring his guitar in the burning building!
  • The lyrics are pretty poetic, based around the multiple meanings of the word “annyeong”.


To elaborate what I said above, “annyeong” means both “hello” and “goodbye” in Korean. It describes when the guy says “annyeong”, it means hello, he wants her to see him, he still loves her. However, when the girl says “annyeong”, it means goodbye, and that she doesn’t love him anymore. Interesting, no?

VOCALS: Hongki. Hongki. Hongki. I love his heartfelt vocals. It really shows through beyond his stage presence. His strong vocals would come out even if you listened to the song with some cheap mp3 player. One thing I really liked here compared to Love Love Love: he sounds less whiny. To most girls, the idea of their anjellic (get it?) Hongki sounding whiny is… Well, blasphemy. However, I’ve had a few of my guy friends listen to Love Love Love, and many of them said that he sounded whiny. That idea planted itself in my head and depressed me for a while, haha. Because of that, I nervously listened to Hello Hello, afraid my mind frame would be stubborn and hear the song negatively. However, Hongki sounded great! He was amazing to begin with, but he’s improved so much as an artist…

I’m not forgetting Jaejin, nope. He had 2 mere lines, but I found myself singing them while strolling around the grocery store. It’s very catchy, refreshing, and DEEP (as in bass-like), a pleasant contrast to Hongki’s tenor.

RAP: Hello hello, Seunghyun! I thought he was a manly bass because of Love Love Love. In Hello Hello, however (repetitive titles, argh), Seunghyun raps in a super fast, angsty, and BOY-like fashion. Maybe he has a wide range, or his singing and rapping are different. I don’t know, honestly. All I know is that Seunghyun sounds amazing. If anyone dislikes the song, they must listen to Seunghyun’s rap. They will like it. I guarantee it.

LYRICS: I love the lyrics. I can’t say it enough. However, some of their English, though grammatically correct, is pronounced very oddly. I didn’t realize that before Jaejin and Seunghyun’s parts, that Seunghyun was saying “Listen up, aight?” I thought he was saying “wuss shin off, eye” or “what’s enough, aing”. Maybe Hongki is too used to saying “cool-pie”. I forgive him, I suppose…

MUSIC VIDEO: Oh Jonghoon, why don’t they give you more screen time? Pretty much, Hongki runs into a burning apartment… Then walks into a room filled with sand, with his band mates. The band members then escape (well, they kind of coolly walk out of) the burning building.While they are being greeted and saved by people, Hongki’s in the back, lip syncing. I’m guessing he died in the fire, and his ghost was looking at them? The people were saying hello to the band mates, but since Hongki died, they would have to say goodbye to him? I don’t know. There’s so many ways to interpret it.

DANCE: This is a band. They are not going to be romping around the stage carrying all that expensive equipment. However, there’s one “dance move” I can think of. During the “hello hello, [2 syllables], goodbye goodbye” part, Hongki has this somewhat cool but somewhat awkward reach out and curl fingers move. I definitely won’t be dancing like that, but it’s memorable.

OVERALL: This song is amazing. I went through a rock phase before going into pop, then kpop, so this kpoppy rock song is a very pleasing blend. I don’t know what to say, besides awesome. FT Island never fails to impress me.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit Kpopsubs)

I did not put pictures in this review because I wanted their newer pictures, but I failed to find any that I could use without editing (which I do not want to take the time to do, especially on this old mac which lacks an editor. I do not want to download gimp or any free image editors for now, sorry).


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2 thoughts on “Kpop Review: Hello Hello by FT Island

  1. This was the very first song I listened to by FT Island (I know where have I been for a while) and I saw the performance before the actual music video. I was (and still kind of am) confused by the hand thing Hong Ki does at the hello hello and goodbye goodbye parts. But besides that, I think it’s a pretty amazing song and can’t get enough of it 🙂

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