Fangirling: “[Fancam] 110411 Lotte World – 유권 (U-Kwon)” from ohlilu92

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Finding the video: Searched for “fancam u-kwon”

“Oh… U-Kwon!!!”

Clicks the video and watches.

0:00 – Oh, it’s a Wanna B fancaOH MY GOD HE JUST FLASHED HIS ABS?!!!

0:04 – This music XD XD XD boy don’t tease me XD XD what?!

0:08 – Should I be watching this?

(More responses below)

0:10 – This is so raunchy… 0_0 I can’t look away

0:11 – Adds to watch later list

0:12 – I’m a minor. I hope my parents don’t see me watching this. They will think I’m a perve XD XD XD

0:15 – U-Kwon, marry me XD XD XD You’re so attractive! The way you hold that mic… XD XD XD So manly!!!

0:19 – Oh my God…!!!

0:20 – Boy don’t tease me, gimme what I want, g-g-g-gimme what I want (the song is catchy and dirty)

After the video

“… 0_0 … My purity… ”

Watches again.


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