Mpop Review: Dance or Die by SIGMA (我得了 一種不跳舞就會死的病)

There is little information on SIGMA that I can find in English. I apologize for any inaccurate information. If there are any places where I can find more information on SIGMA, leave a comment and I will surely credit you 🙂 .

Dance or Die is a track from SIGMA’s first album SIGMA.


  • FLEAS!!!
  • The song and lyrics are quite original, in my opinion.
  • This song doesn’t have an official music video. Both the top and subbed videos are SIGMA’s dance practice for Dance or Die.
  • Attractive choreography
  • Catchy… Makes one want to move.
  • The title seems really threatening, but it’s describing a sort of sickness (read below to see what I’m trying to say).


Dance or Die is describing this sort of illness where “if you don’t dance you will die; if you’re not dead, you must dance”. The SIGMA boys go on, comparing their dancing selves to fleas and asking the listeners to not interrupt them and to cheer for them, because they just need to dance.

VOCALS: It’s a poppy song. It’s autotuned all the way. There’s not much to praise or hate. I can’t tell who the main vocals or dancers are; they all seem very talented in both abilities.

RAP: No rapping.

LYRICS: I love these lyrics! This is probably the 1st song I’ve reviewed on this site that has nothing to do with love! Yeah, it’s not deep or meaningful, but it is still interesting. The way they describe dancing and an audience is unnaturally thrilling. I said earlier, that they compare themselves to fleas. Here’s the quote (credit lilpinkfrog’s translation):

“Watch me dance, my cells transform into fleas

With every jump, they bite the earth’s surface hard”

It doesn’t seem significant, I know. Skip to the dance part.

MUSIC VIDEO: SIGMA does not have an official music video. They do have a choreography video, however…

DANCE: Before I gush about the dance, allow me to introduce the members:

Judy Chou (周定緯 Zhou DingWei)

Mrtting Lee (李杰宇 Li JieYu)

Tommy Lin (林維哲 Lin WeiZhe)

Often, non-Korean Asian idol groups are often criticized for having poor quality… everything. This isn’t the case with SIGMA. I heard that these boys actually trained with some legit Korean choreographers for a while. This dance is incredibly legit! Creative, unique, and memorable. The chorus dance, where they sing “Dance! Let me dance!” is easy to do and remember. Also, the dance from the fleas quote above, they all actually jump! Like fleas! It sounds ridiculous how something little like that is so fascinating to me, but it’s totally different from conventional Asian pop (would any normal kpop song even approach the word “flea”?). Right before the ending, they have a part where they cross their arms and move their heads. It’s crazy! Then they sort of outrageously freestyle (pushups, Judy?) with their extra dancers doing the actual choreography in the background. They then go into this mega cool, wavy formation before dancing more and ending in an awesome pose… Then Judy poses like a cute idiot and they all go crazy (not part of the choreography, but nonetheless adorable). Can you tell I love Dance or Die’s dance?

OVERALL: This song pure energy condensed into sound waves. It’s quite different from typical lovey-dovey music. It’s not deep or meaningful, it’s just really fun to see and listen to. If you want a little bit of energy, listen to this song. You will want to move (fleas!!!).

(English Subs, Chinese, and introducing the member names (ooh thats new and neat), credit Angel2739I)

(English Subs, Pinyin, and Chinese, credit lilpinkfrog)

(Credit bing images for the photos, lilpinkfrog’s Post-Boyfriend video for helping me get their names and pictures correct, lilpinkfrog for the clean subbed video, sigmafighting for the original dance footage, and Angel2739I for the subbed video that introduces the members).


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