Kpop Review: Words that Freeze my Heart by Wheesung ft. Junhyung of B2ST

Words that Freeze my heart (aka Heartsore Story, Heart Aching Story, Heart Freezing Story, Heart Breaking Story etc) is the title track from Wheesung’s mini album “Words that Freeze my Heart”. The entire mini album was written and produced by Wheesung. However, he received help for his title track from composer Kim Do Hoon and B2ST’s Junhyung


  • He composed it! (With help, but still).
  • Good English pronunciation.
  • 2 mv versions: a drama version (shown above), and a Wheesung version (I made the version names up).
  • Very emotional vocals. It’s incredibly admirable, both Wheesung’s voice and the effort he puts into his music.
  • The ballad in general is very emotional and strong. It’s gorgeous ear candy.
  • B2ST’s Junhyung raps in it.
  • It’s poetic, describing the word “Goodbye”.


The song is about letting go of a first love, and how much it hurts him, yet there’s only one thing he can really say: “goodbye”. It’s really touching when you read the actual lyrics.

VOCALS: Wheesung is one of the most popular solo artists today, and this ballad clearly shows why. He puts so much heart into singing. He could sing a manual and you would be transfixed! His voice is just purely fantastic. It just feels so… So real. It really just sounds like this (vocally blessed) man in suffering because of the wounds of love. Also, this man has a lot of range, and he hits those high notes with such strong confidence! I can’t gush enough about how amazing he sounds.

RAP: Junhyung. Aha.. He raps great as usual. However (oh fans are gonna hate)… As much as I freaking love him (he’s my 2nd bias in B2ST), I think he sounds kind of… I don’t know, different. I thought his rapping timbre completely fit the song, but normally when I think of Junhyung I think of his sort of high pitched squeakiness (like in B2ST’s “Beautiful”, his “take my hand and FLY!” part is what I’m normally used to hearing). His rap was great, don’t get me wrong. It just took me a while to clearly identify that it was indeed Junhyung. (I got more accustomed when I listened to B2ST’s “Fiction”… But that’s another review, hehe). Bottom line, the rap is good. It just gave me an identity crisis.

LYRICS: The lyrics describe a man who doesn’t want to leave the woman he loves. It describes the technical word “goodbye”, saying it’s a lie because it would mean a positive farewell, which doesn’t make any sense. I’m really please that he pronounces goodbye perfectly (it’s not “cool-pie” like many certain artists say, hmm). I got really confused when he would sing “I hate you, you’re my love”, but it makes sense because he’s suffering (poor guy!). I really liked near the ending, after the rap, where Wheesung starts saying “don’t cry, I’m okay, I’ll be happy, I’m thankful for the time”. He’s basically telling another “lie” for goodbye! How smart, smart smart smart.

MUSIC VIDEO: The drama version starts with what seems like a bunch of flashbacks. It then has this guy in a room full of white, bright stripes. After that, it goes to a woman in a long, black and white striped dress, sprawled on a circular table. The guy seems to randomly crawl into weird cemented areas where a flashlight follows him (is he escaping a place? I still don’t know). Here, Junhyung raps with the dancer girls being disgustingly awkward behind him. More flashbacks, with a kiss and cool glasses. They seem to finally meet… On the sides of a huge wall of glass. The guy shakes his head no, and the girl seems to break down. Sorry, I don’t understand the drama version at all. He escapes a bunch of weird places, just to meet a girl and make her cry? And what’s up with the ending, the flowers and that stalker flashlight??

I prefer the Wheesung version. It focuses on shots of him singing (acting incredibly sad and emotional, plus plus) and dancing.

DANCE: The choreography’s quite interesting. It starts with female backup dancers, then they leave and male backup dancers come, and at the end the men and women sort of have a partner dancing deal. There’s a sort of heartbeat move that’s kind of cool. I like the “goodbye goodbye” part, with the male backup dancers, where he covers his face and with the other hand pushes forward (kind of like a literal “it hurts, but goodbye”). However, my personal favorite is the move at the chorus. Yes, you know it, it’s that bodyroll-handmovingdown-thrust move. Enough said.

OVERALL: I really like this song. It’s one of the finest ballads I have ever heard. It’s meaningful, and sounds like it too. You can really take this song to heart. I have little to say, except listen to this song, because it’s perfection to the soul.

(This is my preferred “Wheesung” version. English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit kpopsubs)

(Credit for the info on Wheesung’s mini album, annyeong944 for the drama version video, and kpopsubs for the translated video and the “Wheesung” version of the mv)


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