Kpop Quick Review: Like a Movie by 2PM

Due to my heavy schedule and workload, I’m going to do quick reviews to touch up some music. Normal in depth reviews will still occur, however they will be posted less often as it consumes too much time (it takes a lot more thought than it looks to write those reviews!). In Depth reviews for any Quick Review songs can be requested on the Requests page. I apologize for this unprofessional behavior. – Izzy

Like a Movie is the 4th track off of 2PM’s 2nd Album “Hands Up”.


  • I love the theme of the song! They compare a relationship that has failed to work out to typical events in movies.
  • I’ve always like 2PM’s angsty pop songs, though this particular song had me questioning its balladability (2AM singableness, etc).
  • I like this song even better than Hands Up (and I usually like the upbeat tracks more).
  • WARNING: The chorus will sweep you away with sexy, brokenhearted voices and powerful instrumentals.


ABOUT: The song describes a relationship that didn’t work out. The boys are wishing their love lasted like those romantically perfect movies. It starts out talking about their memories, and as they “rewind” more and more, they miss the girl more and more. They confess in the mighty, sweeping chorus that they still love the girl.

OPINION: Can I say wow? I admit, I’ve never gotten too deep with 2PM, but wow. This song blew me away. I’ve always read criticisms on 2PM’s vocal ability, but now I question those comments. Yeah, their counterpart 2AM guys could blow them away, but this song’s showed me just how good 2PM’s voices are already!

FAVORITE: I loved Taecyeon’s rap! He doesn’t just sound good: his English sounds great (I’d say cute, but this man is a beast and those two words don’t fit together). In fact, I’m probably going to be randomly blurting out “romantic comedy” and “kiss scene” for the next few weeks.

OVERALL: 2PM have really high standards to face in the Kpop industry. I think that this song pushes them above and beyond those standards though. I don’t expect these boys to fall in popularity for a long time. I’m impressed, wow.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit sasa1314sisi)

(credit bing images for the Hands Up Album Teaser and sasa1314sisi for the video with english subs that highlights the singers!)


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