Kpop Review: Tell Them by Block B (가서전해)

Tell Them is the title track from Block B’s 1st Mini Album “New Kids on the Block”.


  • Cute and catchy. It was described as a fun summer track afterall.
  • They’ve released a mini album 2 months after their debut… Have they changed or improved at all?
  • I know. I know. It’s not “Halo”. But we’ll discuss this below.
  • I love what they’re dancing in (yellow is my favorite colour… Although B-Bomb and Jaehyo are green… ANYWAY). I don’t know the concept, but since the album says “New Kids”… Hmm…
  • The Eusseuk Eusseuk Clap Dance! (… official English name is “Thumbs Up” dance…?)
  • Why is Taeil barely existent in the music video?
  • How can people say P.O is copying T.O.P? He has a totally cute and unique style here (and his rapping… Is it better than before or is this song just making him seem even more amazing?).


This song is about having fun, basically. Block B’s asking the listeners to stop doing their boring activities and for them to party and to “tell their friends that they [Block B] are here”.

VOCALS: Let’s start off with Block B’s famous ulzzang, Jaehyo.

I think he’s improved some from their debut song “Freeze”. Watching the music video, if Taeil’s voice wasn’t so recognizable, I would’ve thought he sang more than the lead vocal! I’m proud of this guy. He isn’t just looks people! Take a minute and listen to him.

Next, Block B’s Smiling Representative U-Kwon (Note: I will refrain from being incredibly biased towards him).

He got more parts. I thought he did a swell job. I really can’t say much… Because I think the other sub vocals improved more in comparison (ooh, that hurts to say). It doesn’t mean he sounds bad though (his voice’s timbre is really appealing).

Moving on to lead dancer, B-Bomb.

He also got more parts! I think out of all the sub vocals, B-Bomb was the one who improved the most. It may be hard to recognize his voice at 1st. In “Freeze” and “Wanna B?”, he has this choppy, gruff voice, but in “Tell Them, he has a semi-nasally sounding, but clear and somewhat high pitched voice. It sounds closer to his talking voice though. He sounds… Cute. Anyway, compared to Freeze, I find that his voice has become stronger. I look forward to his growth.

Finally, Mr.Lead Vocals Taeil (and I apologize SO MUCH for misspelling his name REPEATEDLY in my Freeze review!).

Yes, he is existent in the song! He sings the chorus, and does that amazing adlibbing at the end of the song. I wish there was more of this guys vocals though: it’s good to give our primary dancers more parts, but I’m not sure if they will keep up live, which is one of the areas Block B received many criticisms for (I thought they were fine, but the live performance standards rise with each rookie group). He’s the lead for a reason, ya know?

Yeah, it’s a pop song, and with pop songs vocals aren’t guaranteed to be “pure”. I don’t think this song is using any autotune. however.

RAP: Personally, I thought the rapping was the big highlight of the song.

I want to start with Kyung.

Who says this cute guy can’t rap? Many people compare him to Zico, saying his rapping is inferior, but they are deaf. He has a unique charm to his rapping. I can’t find, let alone think, of any other artist with a rapping voice (and ability) like Kyung. Zico and P.O are constantly compared, but is Kyung? The boy is talented, I don’t need to write, you guys need to listen to him.

I’m not hating on Zico or P.O by the way. Here’s my comments on the leader and PRODUCER, Zico.

Zico does not disappoint when it comes to rapping (and producing music). He’s really one of the finest rappers in this new generation of music. However… His English confuses me. Is he saying “you messed up” or “you must up” or what? The 1st doesn’t make sense with the meaning of the song, but the 2nd one makes no grammatical sense. It’s not a big deal. In, fact, I’m scraping and clawing the edges of Zico’s performance, trying to find something to comment.

Like his dreads? Don’t hate. His style is making kpop more international. If you don’t like it because you think it looks bad, okay. If you don’t like it because you think he’s trying to be another race, please open up your mind. Hip Hop is liked wordwide. I prefer this unromantic, open approach to music. It’s easier for Block B to make international fans this way.

Lastly, we have the charming maknae P.O (What is on his shirt?!).

You know who he resembles? A cutie! His super bass rapping was my favorite part of the whole song. Is there anyone comparing him now? I’m going to refrain from gushing on how impressive his rapping was in this song.

Overall, Block B rappers are the finest of the rookie groups around.

LYRICS: The lyrics are nothing too personal. Block B’s just telling everyone to have fun for a day and live their lives “as delicious as possible”.

B ON THE BLOCK has posted a translation of “Tell Them” on their tumblr here.

MUSIC VIDEO: At 1st glance, it doesn’t seem to be anything more than some dancing, partying, and face shots. There are some minor things to notice however. At the beginning there is a can of Tropicana Sparkling, which Block B did a CF for. Also, at the beginning, when the boys are walking in, there are obvious shots of Zico taking notice of a cute girl. There’s a very minuscule plot of Zico somewhat fighting against his members (Kyung in particular) for that girl. It seems that Zico wins the girl, but this little plot wasn’t really noticeable.

DANCE: Cho PD has already named the chorus dance the “Eusseuk Eusseuk Clap” Dance (eusseuk means “shrug your shoulders”). The official English title is the “Thumbs Up” dance. It’s really cute… However, I can imagine some parody people taking this dance… Creepily. I think that at the beginning, it looks like they are cocking a small gun to shoot the fans XD. I really like the dance part where Jaehyo sings, where they sway to the side and raise their arm with the next sway, and then brush off the haters (that’s my interpretation of it). Then as U-Kwon’s singing, they imitate an airplane, salute, brush away more haters, and then they move into positions to do the “Thumbs Up” dance. The dance overall is just sorta cute.

OVERALL: I personally really like this song. Then again, I’m a bit biased. Block B will receive more criticism for another title song to not be hip hop. I think Zico said that their title songs will be more typical to promote, but their albums will have the real hip hop. Frankly, I’m glad. The majority of consumers in Korea are used to typical pop like this, so they will get more popular. By finding Block B, they will find their hip hop songs and the genre will gradually become more popular. Also, all of Block B’s pop songs tend to highlight every individual member, unlike their hip hop. I hope that people won’t think “Tell Them” betrays that hip hop image. Haters need to listen to “Wanna B?” and “Halo”. This group is really promising and I can’t get enough of them.

(youtube video with lyrics to be posted up)

B ON THE BLOCK has posted a translation of “Tell Them” on their tumblr here.

(credit their website brandnewstardom for the picture profiles and the video, blockbintl (the international Block B forum), and bontheblock)


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