Kpop Review: Fiction by B2ST

Fiction is the title track from B2ST’s 1st full length album, “Fiction and Fact”.


  • The pen is part of the soundtrack…
  • Refreshing. I’m pretty sure all listeners can agree. Compared to their previous pop songs “Shock” and “Soom”, this song is incredibly soft and a sweet listen.
  • The lyrics are SO POETIC!!! Screw the typical “I’m missing her, I’m so sad wah boo hoo”. Read below to see what I mean.
  • I love Hyunseung’s carrot hair… Am I the only one who approves?
  • “Right now, I’m writing a story with happy thoughts. But as always, it’s nothing more than my dream.” (that’s what they write at the end of the music video, for those who need to know)


Fiction describes a love that didn’t work out. The boys want to rewrite the story of their love so that it’s filled with happy memories. They don’t want this story to end, so that the girl can’t leave them and so they’ll always be together… It’s just a tiny smidgen bit clingy, but the amount of meaning in the song makes this attachment issue void, to me.

VOCALS: 1st off: Doojoon!

Such a threatening jacket. Anyway, his part starts off this melancholy song. To me, he seems to set the mood for a inevitable tragedy. He only gets 2 repeating parts, so not much to say accept he did a great job.

Next, we have Kikwang! (I like to switch between Gikwang and Kikwang, but for this review I’ll use the K).

Ah, one of B2ST’s stronger vocalists. I love the angst in his voice (or maybe it’s his natural timbre…).

Now let’s talk about Hyunseung.

This was taken from deviantart… I feel kinda guilty for using it.

Look at that hair! I never liked Hyunseung’s hairstyles, to be honest (ESPECIALLY in Soom… ugh). But this one’s really cute! Anyway, did he ever get this much lines in their previous music? He sounds amazing! Especially his scream when he sings “urin kkeuchiraneungeon eobseo~”. He’s such a strong vocalist… I didn’t even know. 3 thumbs up for him.

Now, the cute lead vocal Yoseob.

This was taken from the same deviantart guy as Hyunseung’s picture.

I’m pretty sure it’s universally known that this guy’s vocals have the strength of ten billion bulls, but the delicacy of twenty trillion… Gazelles. I don’t know what words to say. He’s so powerful. This is the reason why I love ballads and r&b and sad songs, because they bring out the talent in people like Yoseob!

Enough gushing. Last but not least is my favorite vocalist for this song, the maknae Dongwoon.

Didn’t he used to be a poorer vocalist before? Listen to him! How can such a beastly man sing such high pitched perfection? When it came to Junhyung’s rapping in counterpoint with Dongwoon singing “Fiction~”, I couldn’t help but cancel all sound except for Dongwoon. If only I didn’t have the vocal range of a rock, I would be singing his “fiction~” all day.

Gosh, wow. Every single vocalist was impressive, what can I say.

RAP: Heh, we only have one rapper here: Junhyung.

How much talent does this guy have? Someone please list it, but don’t freeze up my computer. I love his rapping. That’s all I need to say.

LYRICS: I can’t get enough of the deep meaning of this song! Whoever wrote this, I can’t love you enough. The lyrics bring the song a step up from just voices and instrumentals. I like how you can almost use “fake” and “fiction” unanimously in this song. It’s almost a pun, since they’re writing a “story” about their love, but it’s “fiction”, so thus it’s “fake”. Which is more interesting, a song that plainly says “I wish we never broke up” or a song that says “I want to write the story of our love so that it never ends”? I already described the meaning above… It’s just so, SO beautiful.

MUSIC VIDEO: Basically, Junhyung opens a book and finds a magical picture of this girl he loves. He walks a bajillion miles to get to her. Meanwhile, the girl finds a similar book and opens it to find a part of the book cut off that magically shows Junhyung walking to find her. The two meet in a desert (?). The girl sheds an obviously fake tear (not saying her acting is bad, she’s actually a good actress, I don’t remember her name though). They both disintegrate into dust. I suppose they’re saying that their love was fiction… (but in a literal sense, I was baffled by exactly what happened).

DANCE: Hul, this is going to be one of the most memorable dance moves of the year. It’s a little odd because it’s mainly lower body movement. Think of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”: mainly hands. Rain’s “Love Song”: chest rippling. Heck, B2ST’s other songs like “Shock”: hand grab thing, and “Soom”: breathing. It’s very interesting to watch, and very memorable. It stands out from the other typical dances we fail to remember.

OVERALL: This was one of the most well put together comebacks I’ve seen this year (it might not even be “one of”, it might be “THE” most well put together comeback). There have been articles comparing B2ST’s fame to the big daddies like Big Bang and 2PM. To me, I think B2ST has a lot of things to grow on and talent to offer… Which means these guys aren’t going to decline any time soon.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit Kpopsubs)

(credit bing images for the videos (starting next review, I’m going to credit the actual uploader because I feel that crediting a search engine isn’t very considerate) and kpopsubs for the video with subs)


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