Jpop Quick Review: Koe Wo Kikasete by Big Bang (声をきかせて)

Heh, it’s the 1st of July. To celebrate, I’m going to post a bunch of quick reviews (I definitely have to cut out that long list I’ve made to the side). – Izzy

Koe Wo Kikasete (aka Let Me Hear Your Voice) is Big Bang’s 3rd Japanese single (note: Big Bang is a Korean boy band, but they are singing a Japanese song).

(These are personally my favorite hairstyles from Big Bang… Anyway).


  • DAESUNG. Need I say more? Yes. DAESUNG.
  • Very calming. It’s really beautiful.
  • Ah… The rap… 95% Understandable. A blessing.
  • The lyrics are really unique. I don’t know if it’s because of the way Japanese words are or if they wanted to write a song around this theme, but it’s really different.
  • I strongly question their locations in the music video.
  • Taeyang… No need to run like that,


ABOUT: Koe Wo Kikasete is about a relationship that doesn’t seem to have worked out. But the way it’s described is more poetic than that. The boys seem to know a lot about this girl and her habits, saying she isn’t a morning person and other personal things. It seems that the reason it didn’t work out is because the girl never opened herself up. Because of this, the boys say “let me hear your voice” so they could work things out…

OPINION: LEMME SAY SOME STUFF FIRST. Big Bang was the 1st Korean boy band I ever, EVER heard. Before I found Super Junior and SM and JYP and allkpop and soompi (and tumblr haha), Big Bang was all I ever listened to. The concept was very strange to me, and those ideals have been imprinted in my impressions of Big Bang, good or bad.

I really like this song. I’m not going to lie: I wish Daesung sang the whole thing (and I’m not biased, I don’t have a Big Bang bias). I think Taeyang and Seungri (especially Seungri) sound better in upbeat songs. Well… Wedding Dress is really good actually. I don’t know, I just felt that this song was best suited for melting vocals like Daesung. At first, I found Seungri’s “kirei ni kagayai te i ta” to be kind of awkward (it’s a bit nasally). I’ve gotten used to it though.

One thing I have to say or I’ll EXPLODE: Taeyang’s running scene totally killed it. It’s all passionate, angsty, powerful, melancholy… Then runs Taeyang with this face. I’m sorry. My tears meter reset when he passed by with that face.

FAVORITE: EVERY LINE DAESUNG SINGS. HANDS DOWN. The song was MADE for him (not seriously… But I wish it was). The rapping is good too. If Daesung’s voice didn’t exist in this song, the rapping might’ve been my favorite.

OVERALL: I’ve always admired Big Bang’s diversity. This song does not disappoint (that running scene does though… I’m sorry).

(English Subs, Romanji, and Kanji, credit virid93)

(credits this blog for the image, and virid93 for the video with english/romanji/kanji subs)


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