Kpop Quick Review: Dr. Feel Good by RaNia

(Korean MV credit kpopTVHD)

Dr. Feel Good is RaNia’s debut single.


  • SEXY.
  • 2 versions: Korean and English.
  • They are very powerful for a rookie group.
  • Why is it that when boy bands get all sexy, it’s encouraged, yet when a girl group does sexy it’s bad? Read my opinion.
  • They’re also really talented (don’t be blinded by their provocative image. Their live performances are strong).
  • Yes, it’s similar to Eurythmic’s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”. Read my opinion below.


ABOUT: Well. To plainly put it, the girls want this Doctor to make them feel good. I think it’s sorta funny. From now on when I’m sick, I’m going to sing to my doctor “I’ve been feeling real bad” and he’ll be so confused haha. Joking. It was a bad joke, but I know someone out there will do this XD.

OPINION: 3 things.

1. Boy SEXY vs Girl SEXY

It bothers me a bit. Fangirls (and fanboys…?) constantly make gifs and spazz when boy bands shamelessly pelvic thrust and suggest. It’s totally acceptable. Yet, here comes RaNia with this kind of choreography and they’re deemed sluts. I’m a straight female. I watched both the Korean and English mvs. The English version totally disgusted me. HOWEVER, it was NOT the girls, it was NOT the music. It was the camera man. The girls were not being whores. I don’t like how people are going to just assume these ladies are sluts just because they dance and sing this song. I understand that traditionally (and injustly), males are dominant over females and that it’s traditionally looked down upon for women to be this shameless. Traditionally. I think times are changing. IF RANIA SANG A SONG LIKE “GENIE” OR “ABRACADABRA”, WOULD YOU CALL THEM SLUTS?
You know, I know you know a lot of girl groups have very suggestive (but not literal) dances and songs. RaNia, in a way, is a bit more blunt, and I appreciate that.

2. Sweet Dreams

I won’t lie: they sound incredibly similar. I won’t even delve into how they sound similar. I tire of “they’re copying them blaaaaagh I don’t like them”. Wha? I like to think of it this way: we’re spreading the music love. Just take a moment and think about it. It’s a huge web. You can go from 2PM’s “Hands Up” and someone will comment “It’s like GD&T.O.P’s “High High”! “. From there, you can find 2NE1 from YG Entertainment, ETC ETC ETC. Also, did the girls compose this song? I don’t think so. You think they’re copying? No no, these girls didn’t do a thing. I like both songs. I like both musicians. Support and respect.

3. One Thing That Bugs Me.

They sing “come make me feel real good”. But it sounds like “come make meal feel real good”. That just rolls off the tongue XD.

FAVORITE: The chorus. It’s just so catchy, and it’s easy to sing along with.

OVERALL: It’s catchy. I really like it. I really think this group has potential. But if their image isn’t suited to your tastes, it’s okay. There’s plenty of musicians to love (have I secretly linked anyone to a new artist?)

(English MV credit drmusic103)

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit Globalsubs)

(BONUS. Just because this video amuses me, credit Dr2pmsoB2st)

(credits allkpop for the info and image, and the uploaders for their respective videos)


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