Kpop Quick Review: I AM THE BEST by 2NE1

Happy 4th of July! Honestly, I typed this in a rush so I didn’t go very deep into it and I’m not really into 2NE1 so this is sort of an unbiased opinion. I personally like 2NE1’s music, I’m just not a blackjack or anything. – Izzy

I AM THE BEST is a single from the group 2NE1.


  • Finally, a fiery track after It Hurts and Lonely.
  • The machine guns intimidated me.
  • It’s catchy but…


ABOUT: It’s as plain as the title. 2NE1 is telling the world that they are the best.

OPINION: Oh yeah. It’s powerful. It’s catchy. 2NE1 is really big. Etc. BUT…

My first thoughts were “OH MY GOD. This is so catchy!” After a while… The only parts I found myself really liking was the “bam ratatata” part and CL’s “no no no no” part. I find the verses kinda eh.

I thought everyone sounded good. I was afraid I’d hate Park Bom’s ballad oriented voice in an edgy pop track (oh god, I can’t stand “Can’t Nobody” sometimes), but I was pleasantly surprised. However… Is it just me, or are CL and Minzy just made for this song?

This is my issue with 2NE1: Minzy and Dara both blend well with both pop and ballads. But I think CL sounds good in the pop, yet not as good in the ballads. I think Bom sounds good in the ballads, but not in the pop. It just bothers me a bit. It’s not their fault, and I love CL and Bom’s voices, but it just clashes with my ears (it’s the same way with Daesung/Seungri, etc).

Asides all of those minor, personal issues, THIS SONG IS A KILLER.

FAVORITE: Bam ratatata tatatatata! Very appealing.

I love how ungirly 2NE1 is. I’m normally reluctant to listen to girl groups because, plainly, I don’t like them acting cute (some of them are naturally cute though… That makes my heart throb somehow. ANYWAY). 2NE1 is breaking the traditional trend of “women need to be cute”. I applaud.

OVERALL: This song is catchy. I’m not gonna lie, I grew tired of it after a few plays. However, I have weird tastes. It’s a racy track that will get you dancing and telling everyone “naega jeil jal naga”! Perfect for the summer.

(English Subs credit jstasimplesub2)

(credit allkpop for the picture and the respected uploaders for the videos)


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