Kpop Quick Review: One More Chance (나 좀 봐줘) by Dana and Sunday of The Grace (CSJH)

Sorry, another quick and not well thought out review. I just wanna show that Kraypop isn’t dead. I’m busy and have been updating Block BBC recently – Izzy

One More Chance (나 좀 봐줘, na jom bwajwo) is a single from Dana and Sunday, who are members of the girl group “The Grace (CSJH)”.


  • Catchy chorus.
  • Do I hear… Altos?!
  • Interesting biblical references (if just to Adam and Eve, and the rib, but still)…
  • Not their style? So what? (Read below)


ABOUT: I honestly have no idea what this song is talking about. If I had to take a wild guess, I would say it’s about women being confident. At 1st, they talk about typical and coveted stereotypes of women (small faces, skinny waist, etc). But then they say “since when have women depended on men for survival?” It sort of makes sense. I need to look into their alusions more though….

OPINION: My 1st impression was “oh… Another typical, robotically churned out song”. I found it catchy though, and then I read the lyrics and realised that this wasn’t your everyday song. It’s filled with meaning and the lyrics are completely unique.

IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH CSJH’S NEW STYLE: you must be aware that this is their comeback after a 5ish year hiatus right? By this time, fans have probably deserted, or worse forgotten them. They have to come back in a year with tons of new bands and the most popular genre is autotuney pop. They have to come out with a song that can break naturally into the songs of today. Calm down, shapleys. They are still CSJH.

FAVORITE: The chorus and it’s danced (the wipe windows while flying part). Very cute and catchy.

OVERALL: It might not stick to you at 1st… Or you might be completely addicted to it. Either way, listen to it more than once, and with the lyrics. You will appreciate this fun track by CSJH. Welcome back ladies.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit LoveKpopSubs5)

(credit uploaders for the videos)


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