Kpop Quick Review: Be Mine by Infinite

Be Mine is the title track from Infinite’s 1st full length studio album “Over the Top”.


  • A comeback I adored as much as B2ST’s Fiction?!
  • The chorus is incredibly catchy.
  • I think these guys are the best dancers in kpop history. Period.
  • Memorable, synchronized, and difficult choreography. As usual.
  • I’m starting to expect key changes every time Infinite releases a new song (seriously, Come Back Again, Before the Dawn, and Be Mine all change keys for the last chorus).
  • Edit: I now understand the music video and put my interpretation below 🙂 I applaud the director.


ABOUT: The boys sing about the girl they love, how she’s suffered all of this pain, and they want to comfort her AND make her be theirs. I’m going to emphasize AND, because the lyrics are like “be mine, I love you” or “I want to take care of you, and I’ll do that by making you mine”.

Music video wise: The girl they like is in danger. All of these guns are firing, things are exploding, yet the bad relationship (that “do not cross, crimescene” tape that’s highlighted at the beginning of the video) is preventing them from crossing in and protecting her. They can’t even help her when they’re back to back or in front of her, they can only watch and hurt.

OPINION: I. Love. This. Comeback. Seriously. I’m not even an Inspirit, but this song impresses me beyond words.

Am I the only one who gets stalker vibes from the lyrics? It’s nice that they care about the girl, but all of this “I watched the your pain, rather than getting hurt this is better, be mine” etc… I find it a tad bit creepy. I still love the lyrics though, they’re unique and a fresh breath of air from typical kpop polluted with the same overused words.

The dance. Yes, I saw Infinite had some mistakes in the MV. With Infinite, you tend to notice it more than usual because the choreography is so synchronized that if one member was late by a fraction of a second, you could tell. But their live performances are near solid (diamond hard compared to other groups), and the mv’s mistakes don’t matter to me.

FAVORITE: I really like Sungjong’s part. No particular reason, it just sounds unnaturally cool (I mean, just listen to that “gu~rae~”. It’s awesome). I also really like the dance break in the mv and the last chorus.

OVERALL: Infinite is one of the finest groups in the industry. Solid vocals, lives, powerful dances (didn’t I say they’re the best so far? I mean it, no one is going to top their synchronization), a steady (and steadily growing) fanbase, and most importantly for me, good music. Be Mine is a gem and I’d be crazy NOT to recommend it to everyone.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit TheKpopSubber2)


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