Kpop Quick Review: Don’t Spray Perfume by Teen Top

(Wasn’t planning on reviewing this (ahem, Tai Wan Mei), BUT I couldn’t not respond to the content of this song – Izzy).

Don’t Spray Perfume (aka No More Perfume on You) is the title track from Teen Top’s 1st mini album “Roman”.

(Only using the teaser picture because it entertains me to no end).


  • Why yes. These guys are jailbait. Mmhmm. They’re singing about loving a noona. Absolutely. Lots of women are going to prison soon.
  • The choreography is so… Interesting.
  • The song is also quite interesting…
  • Yeah. Chunji’s a player (how dare he).
  • Isn’t this an “unwholesome dating method”?
  • YES we all know it was filmed at the same place as the 0330 U-Kiss music video set.
  • Don’t worry dongsaengs. Teen Top hasn’t matured at all XD (read below to see what I mean)


ABOUT: Basically, the boys say that they really admire a noona (older woman). With her, they feel like men, and they love her (“she may not believe it, but this pretty noona is my noona”). HOWEVER, they sing that they don’t want her to wear perfume because if she does, his girlfriend will find out. Um, what?

OPINION: The song is cute. It didn’t catch on at 1st, but somehow, when I read the lyrics, I was incredibly intrigued XD (note: I’m not a noona (;_;) I’m a small high school student. I’m only older than Changjo…).

I’m a little surprised that people are calling Teen Top “mature”. To me, every action implied a sense of childish immaturity. The lyrics that plainly said “with noona, it feels like I’ve become a man”. Wouldn’t this imply that without noona, he doesn’t feel manly? Secondly, cheating. Yes, all ages cheat. But cheating isn’t a very mature action. Thirdly, claiming an older woman is just… Cute.

It’s hard to explain. I’m not an Andromeda if you’re wondering. I just don’t get any mature vibes from this video. They look like little kids who’ve seen a pretty, older woman (I would compare to SHINee’s “Replay”, but the songs aren’t really alike, besides in the theme of the lyrics).

Some kids need to stop complaining. Everyone, even Ricky, got a good amount of lines. Yes, Niel and Chunji dominate the singing, but please just enjoy the song.

The choreography… An interesting attempt to be sexy (that noona shoulder attack, and the butt pocket dance), yet also thematic and clever (the sniffing perfume from the shirt rub). I… Have little to say. Except that it was interesting (maybe it’s because they give this jailbait vibe that even I, 5/6 of their dongsaeng, can detect).

FAVORITE: Chunji’s “Noonan Noonajiman” and the rapping session between L.Joe and C.A.P.

OVERALL: It’s cute, I’ll give you that. Andromedas all around are rejoicing to this day. If you don’t get turned off by the somewhat offensive lyrics (taken ladies and dongsaengs alike), it’s another nice (and disturbingly catchy, let me tell you) song from Teen Top.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit LoveKpopSubs6)


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