Kpop Review: Without You by BoM (Blooming of Our Music)

Without You is BoM’s debut song.


  • It’s not just heartbroken vocals: there’s heartbroken rapping too.
  • A very sweet and memorable chorus.
  • This isn’t your average ballad. The lyrics, though romantic, don’t exactly give off that overly used romantic vibe… (explained below)
  • Lovely vocals. But then again, they are a ballad group.
  • Do other ballad groups have rappers in them?
  • Why are people comparing them and Block B to 2PM and 2AM? (my opinion below).


The gist of it is that their girl has left them and they can’t live without her. Why did I say in the points that it didn’t quite give that romantic vibe? See the LYRICS section for an explanation.

VOCALS: I don’t know what to say about the vocals. They were all very sweet. Let’s introduce the members shall we?

Beginning with the baby faced leader Sechang.

(Image credit ****yeahsechang tumblr)

Sechang has the highest pitched vocals. Very pretty.

Next, we have vocalist Raewon (the glasses guy)!

(image credit All Things Kpop tumblr)

His voice is slightly lower than Sechang’s. Very clear and distinct.

For the last of the vocalists, the maknae Yua!

(image credit B.O.M Fanpage of Facebook)

His vocals are slightly deeper than Raewon’s (but he doesn’t have the deepest vocals). His voice has this rich timbre.

RAP: Ah, it’s the well known (ex Block B member) bass rapper Tagoon! (commonly referred to by his name Mino).

How many ballad groups have bass double rapper vocals (I fangirled over one of his predebut tracks)? This guy is a gem.

LYRICS: At 1st, I thought it’d be another “she left, I miss her” song. But then Tagoon says “and you stayed by me, sometimes like a friend, sometimes like a mother”. This suddenly made me feel like the song t could be related on a whole new level besides love. This song doesn’t just call out to broken hearted people, it calls out to every single person who has lost someone special to them. Throughout the song, they sing how they loved this person. That love doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. For all we know, they could have been singing about a mother who abandoned them, and the lyrics would fit perfectly. That’s how easy it is to relate to this song.

MUSIC VIDEO: It’s nothing too expensive (ahem, 2NE1). Just the boys singing in suits at a beach. The lady they’re missing pops in and out. There’s one scene where Sechang and the lady are together, standing next to each other, smiling. The angle changes… Then it goes back to the 1st position, where the lady is gone and Sechang has the most pained face I’ve ever seen. The video is so simple (and white!), yet it conveys the simple message of the song.

DANCE: They just stand.

OPINION: There have been many fans claiming that Block B and BoM are copying 2PM and 2AM. However, they do not have their facts straight.

  1. Block B is a hip hop based group. 2PM are into pop and dance.
  2. Block B and BoM are from different companies, with their only connection being Tagoon, an ex Brand New Stardom trainee who almost debuted with Block B, but didn’t. Their companies, BNS and Y2Y, did not team up to copy JYP. The two companies aren’t even related to each other.
  3. BoM has a rapper. Enough said.
  4. Block B has 7 members. 2PM has 6 members (I apologize Hottests and Jaywalkers).

What is UP with people saying groups are copying other groups? Why are you going to hate on groups that JUST DEBUTED? It’s incredibly ridiculous.

OVERALL: This is a sweet listen. I’m impressed with this debut track. Ballad groups, and all musicians, can only improve as they grow. Don’t ignore these guys just because you don’t like Block B, or just because you think they’re copying your favorite group, because I guarantee you’re missing out on witnessing true potential grow.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, LoveKpopSubs6)

BONUS pictures.


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5 thoughts on “Kpop Review: Without You by BoM (Blooming of Our Music)

  1. I thought I was seeing things when I saw Tagoon was rapping. I don’t really think BoM is similar to any other group for obvious reason. They are a ballad group. But I really like their vocals and the simplicity of the song.

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