Kpop Quick Review: Twins (Knock Out) by Super Junior

(Because they’re about to comeback August 3rd and there’s still time for summer, I’m going to do a Suju review marathon 🙂 I wish I would’ve done this for all the other comebacks (I never thought about it! Plus I’m busy…)… I won’t be able to do these review marathons after August 14th, unless there’s a weekend comeback… 2 Super Junior reviews a day! Enjoy 🙂 – Izzy)

Twins (Knock Out) is Super Junior’s debut single from 2005 (back when their concept was a “rotational” boy band “Super Junior 05”, and Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, and Henry were not in the group plus its subunits), and is a cover of Knockout by the British boy band Triple Eight.

(Whoa. They’ve grown. Image credit devvybluekyu)


  • Wow… The hair, video, song and concept. Definitely different from the cute Sorry Sorry or sexy Bonamana.
  • I used to be really into rock and screamo before I got into kpop (it’s weird to admit haha). This pop rock is an interesting mix.
  • This was back when Sungmin had a lot of lines…
  • This was back when K.R.Y wasn’t as prominent.
  • This was back when Kangin, Kibum and Hangeng were still here…
  • Was this the fashion back in 2005? It’s sorta awkward to look at now in 2011… (Heechul… You’re really pretty, but this…)
  • It’s manly. I could see fanboys sprouting from this song.


ABOUT: The boys are torn between love, whether they should continue liking someone or move on and live out their destiny. The lyrics contrast with lines like “she doesn’t have feelings for you” and “she’s the only one”, and plainly show the turmoil with “I’ll fight until the other side of me dies”.

OPINION: Such an aggressive song…Definitely NOT for everyone, though I hate to say that. The rock elements of the song are incredibly overpowering.

The music video was probably really cool back then… But now, it’s awkward to watch them dancing in flappy outfits with crazy hair (which I personally thought was cool at 1st) and posing in fake fire and random blue skies.

Definitely interesting though.

And Heechul. We all know how attractive you are, but why did you let the stylist do this to you?!

FAVORITE: Kibum’s rap. I don’t really know why, I’m not even biased towards him (my bias is Ryeowook).

OVERALL: If you don’t like rock, don’t listen to this song. However, if you’re a growing fan of Super Junior, or interested in trying different and older genres of kpop, this song is something you can give a taste.

(English Subs credit tresorera14)


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