Kpop Quick Review: U by Super Junior

(Here’s the Suju marathon list (so I don’t forget, and so you guys can look forward to it!) -Izzy)

July 30th: Twins (Knock Out), U
July 31th: Don’t Don, Marry U
August 1st: Sorry Sorry, Super Girl
August 2nd: Bonamana, No Other
August 3rd: Perfection (I know, finally!!!), new song hopefully

U is the first official CD single by Super Junior from 2006.

(Image credit sohotonasia)


  • Despite being dressed like rocker bad boys… They managed to pull off the cuteness.
  • Introducing Kyuhyun!
  • Kinda catchy.
  • This is one of their earlier cute songs.


ABOUT: The lyrics are plain jane: they want to make a girl theirs.

OPINION: There’s ONE thing I definitely liked better in this music video that’s different from Twins (Knock Out): they show the members faces clearly and up close! I find that recognizing the members is incredibly important in creating fans. Sadly, it’s not just the music: it’s the singers themselves too.

Heechul. You’re really making me cry, your ponytails are 1000 times prettier than mine… WHEN I WATCH DON’T DON AND MARRY U TOMORROW, I BETTER NOT SEE YOU LOOKING PRETTIER THAN MOST WOMEN… (If I remember correctly though… Nah, I’ll check tomorrow…).

FAVORITE: Eunhyuk’s rap. It’s so fast…

OVERALL: I hate to admit it, but I’m more used to songs like these than their rock pop (even though I think their pop rock is unnaturally wicked in this kpop world… Anyway). Cute songs are taking over the world. Fans, if you’re a particular fan of songs like “No Other”, check this one out.

(English Subs credit eyenee)


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