Kpop Quick Review: Marry U by Super Junior

July 30th: Twins (Knock Out), U
July 31th: Don’t Don, Marry U
August 1st: Sorry Sorry, Super Girl
August 2nd: Bonamana, No Other
August 3rd: Perfection, new song hopefully

Marry U is a song from Super Junior’s album “Don’t Don”.

(This is a Don’t Don picture but oh well… Image credit timelesswonder)


  • Every lady ELF’s wedding song.
  • It’s so sweet!!!
  • I think the music video is just weird though.
  • Suju grew softer and softer as time went by huh?


ABOUT: The song is pretty much the hugest proposal in the world. Should I explain? They’re just swearing their eternal love 🙂 Aww…


It’s not overly cute (compared to, say, No Other, where your aegyo meter breaks into pieces). It’s very soft, simple, flowwy (? smooth sounding?). It’s a peaceful, romantic song.

The music video, however… Maybe animation was cool or new or awesome at the time, but what the heck. It terrified me. The dummies, Yoona’s face becoming a wooden statue, splitting in half to reveal a little Yoona sleeping in a bed, INSIDE OF THE HEAD?!

However… Somehow, I really liked the ending. I really liked the overhead dancing, all white and blinding, and then it flashes to become a ring XD. The ending is adorable (I still firmly think the dummies are creepy).

FAVORITE: The counterpoint between Donghae and Ryeowook (the part where they sing at the same time). It’s just…. SWEET SWEET SWEET.

OVERALL: This song is honey. It’s S.W.E.E.T. I guess if you don’t like gentle songs like these, Marry U isn’t your thing. However, if you like soft music, or want to propose to your kpop loving lady, Marry U was made for U.

(English Subs credit 13Sanbummie)


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