Kpop Quick Review: Bonamana by Super Junior

(CHANGE OF PLAN. Mr.Simple full review tomorrow IF the music video is released tomorrow – Izzy)

July 30th: Twins (Knock Out), U
July 31th: Don’t Don, Marry U
August 1st: Sorry Sorry, Bonamana
August 2nd: Mr.Simple (full review)
Some day in the distant future: Perfection, No Other, Super Girl

Bonamana (which means Obviously, also known as Miina, which means Beauty) is the title song from Super Junior’s 4th studio album “Bonamana”.

(Image credit fanpop)


  • Sorta follows Sorry Sorry in terms of “repeating words”, simple music videos with minimal colors, face close ups, and a plotless video full of dancing.
  • Sorta… Sexy, I suppose.
  • Known for its ice skating dance (or manly house chores dance).
  • Kibum, Kangin, and Hangeng are NOT in this video or song.


ABOUT: The boys are trying to win a lady, but plainly, she’s really hard to get. They’re trying to do everything in their power to win her.

OPINION: At 1st, I wasn’t as drawn to it as I was Sorry Sorry… But this one grows on you. It’s very simple, and catchy.

Am I allowed to write this? This song is significantly more sexy than their previous songs. No, the lyrics themselves don’t imply anything, but the instrumentals and the music video do. They have a dark, elusive feel to them that you wouldn’t find in more innocent songs, ya know? It’s hard to explain, but you’ll definitely feel it.

I think the choreography is incredibly interesting. At 1st, I thought it was awkward, but that was back when I never heard of kpop beyond Big Bang, SHINee, and Super Junior. I got over it. I’ve seen stranger dances. Anyway, there’s one part where Kyuhyun has to slide to the opposite side of the room (after Yesung’s “gidarinda miina”). I LOVED the dance break.

I felt really bad though for Sungmin. I thought he was one of the more prominent dancers? I know he’s one of the main vocals, but Kyuhyun is a lead vocal AND got to be a lead dancer in the dance break. Oh well. Both boys are ridiculously talented and shine in many ways. I’m not complaining, just surprised.

FAVORITE: Leeteuk, Heechul, and Eunhyuk’s little segment (half rap, half singing, half talk? That doesn’t add up, but it sounds like that haha). Also, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and Yesung’s part after the previous 3. Oh, and then the dance break of course. Oh oh, and Shindong’s “hope you step to me” part. Gosh, so many favorites.

OVERALL: Another catchy and memorable song. Super Junior likes to leave an impact, don’t they?

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit KpopSubs1)


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