Kpop Quick Review: Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

(CHANGE OF PLAN. I guess the mv for Super Junior’s new song “Mr.Simple” will be released August 2nd? I thought it was gonna be August 3rd, but the teasers said tomorrow AND I just listened to Mr.Simple on youtube here… So here’s the new review schedule:)

July 30th: Twins (Knock Out), U
July 31th: Don’t Don, Marry U
August 1st: Sorry Sorry, Bonamana
August 2nd: Mr.Simple (full review)
Some day in the distant future: Perfection (HAHAHA…), No Other, Super Girl

(I’m going to do a full review (as opposed to a quick review) on Mr.Simple tomorrow, ASSUMING the music video is released tomorrow. – Izzy)

Sorry Sorry is the title song from Super Junior’s 3rd studio album “Sorry Sorry”.

(Image credit


  • Catchy Catchy Catchy Catchy.
  • I think the choreography’s considered a classic by now.
  • They cut their wild hair and have become cute young men.
  • This was back when Suju had Kibum, Kangin, and Hangeng…
  • Popular in Asia (Super Junior dominated Taiwan’s music charts with this one). A Thai drama my parents were watching played this song one time. I hit my head on the ceiling in shock, haha…


ABOUT: The boys describe this flawless lady. They are “sorry sorry” for falling in love with this woman.

OPINION: Can I share a personal story? Can I? XD

Big Bang was the 1st kpop band I listened to. SHINee (whose Lucifer dance was featured on Youtube one day, if I remember correctly), introduced me to SM Entertainment. Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry is what got me into the kpop culture (they were the 1st band whose names and faces I memorized, what a feat XD). Sorry Sorry got me interested into dances and variety shows, then dramas, then sites like soompi and allkpop so I could hunt them down. Even though I don’t consider myself an ELF, I’m a huge fan of Super Junior’s music.

ANYWAY. This song is incredibly catchy. Once you listen to this song, you will never be able to apologize normally ever again. Seriously (well… Not really. But mentally, you’ll be thinking “sorry sorry sorry sorry” to the offendee…).

Even if the song doesn’t suit your fancy, the DANCE is KILLER! It’s incredibly charming and memorable.

I know that SM bought this song as a demo from Drew Ryan Scott. It’s a good song, okay? I don’t see the issue with buying music. Some people think that it’s “cheap” for a company to buy their songs for their bands, and that it’s not “personal”. How is a company cranking out poppy tracks any more personal than buying it, if the idols don’t have anything to do with the music? Music is only “personal” to an idol group if THEY composed the music, NOT if the company makes it or buys it.

There’s one thing I’m confused about: the beginning. When I 1st watched it, I paused the video, thinking I clicked something nasty. I skipped around at 1st, but eventually I got the guts to watch it (boy I was innocent back then). It’s been more than 2 years, and I STILL don’t understand the point of it.

Maybe it relates to this interpretation (from wikipedia and this article (warning: article is Korean):

The lyrics of “Sorry, Sorry” deals with the regret of letting go a love relationship.

I disagree with this interpretation though. I mean, they’re singing about how they admire the girl, aren’t they? How they want to be more than friends? If they want to be more than friends, that implies that they weren’t more than friends BEFORE.

In the end, the beginning makes no sense to me.

FAVORITE: Ryeowook and Sungmin’s bridge (tenors are just cute), and Shindong’s “dandan” part of the choreography. Though I admit. I LOVE this song to death.

OVERALL: This song is considered legendary, not just by me, and not just by fans, but my millions of kpop lovers worldwide. It’s definitely fun. I recommend it.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit LoveKpopSubs5)


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