Kpop Review: Mr.Simple by Super Junior

Mr.Simple is the title track from Super Junior’s 5th album “Mr.Simple”.


  • Bwara Mr.Simple Simple, super super catchy catchy catchy.
  • Sorta follows the previous 2 hits, music video wise (3 hits, if you count Perfection): full of the dance and solo shots, but no plot or story or anything. Oh yeah, this music video is definitely simple (pun absolutely intended).
  • Sorta follows Bonamana with a special dance break.
  • Wasn’t I complaining about Shindong and Sungmin getting no parts or lines? GUESS WHAT HAPPENS HERE!!! šŸ˜€
  • I’m so happy they danced with clothes on! (I prefer clothes on :P)
  • There’s this part with Leeteuk and Shindong… I don’t know if it’s rapping or talking…
  • I may be in the minority, but I love Eunhyuk’s singing voice.
  • What cute choreography!!!
  • Music video screenshots below! They’re not that good quality… But I put effort into it… ^^ hehe (I’m sorry if it slows your computer for any reason!)


Super Junior is telling you that if you’re stressed or unhappy, relax and chill! You’re fine just the way you are, and your day will come eventually. Life has its ups and downs, so just live it.

VOCALS: Let’s start with someone who isn’t a member of Super Junior: Young Yoo Jin (for those who don’t know, he’s SM’s composing mastermind). I love his R&B vocals at the start of the mv! He needs more recognition than he already has for being mega talented.

I WAS going to write individual vocals for each member… However, I would be wasting my breath, because this is an autotuned pop song, where judging vocals is… Well, hard to do. Plus, everyone knows K.R.Y is perfectly fine… So I’m just going to highlight some notable members.

Starting with Eunhyuk!

(Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun (blurry guy) taken at chorus)

Has he become a vocal now? He has a lot of singing parts! And he’s good! I love his hair (again, I’m the minority, and this is random).

Next, leader Leeteuk.

(made by me. Couldn’t resist. I make macros in my freetime, doncha know?)

He never really got much parts in their other songs. I think he’s grown stronger vocally since back then.

Just one more person: Sungmin.


I’m just… Happy that he got more lines. I wish every member could get a whole minute to sing (10 minute song…?), but Sungmin’s significance in their songs had been declining… I’m just glad he got some parts.

Some members got more lines…. Shouldn’t that mean they reduced other people’s lines? Did Donghae and Siwon get any more or less lines? Hmm… I might count this later…

RAP: Does that positive pep talk by Leeteuk and Shindong count as rap? It was really cute and sweet, not really rap, but definitely not singing.

LYRICS: I’m so pleased that this isn’t a love song. It’s sort of tiring, although personal. A lot of songs these days are following this trend of having fun though… (Tell Them, etc… I can’t think of any right now haha).

MUSIC VIDEO: There’s pretty much nothing except dancing and solo shots…

A lot of fans are disappointed with the concept (or lack of). I can understand it. It’s boring to watch this repeated theme to some. A lot of fans expected something mind blowing and revolutionary, only to be crushed by their own expectations. When I read comments like these, I had to admit, the concepts are a bit boring.

But hey, I think this “concept” of solo shots, simple lighting, and notable dances is Super Junior’s concept. Boring as it is, at least this style is Super Junior. You can’t say they’re copying anyone.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t really have any particular expectations when I clicked the video, or maybe it’s because I like dances, but personally, I was entertained with Mr.Simple.

DANCE: Super Junior, slap me, I was shocked that you could have me gawking over your choreography AGAIN and AGAIN. It’s just so CUTE!!! I’m so glad they didn’t do anything sexy. It’s just cute, simple, and cool.

When they sing the “alright (alright!)”, they throw their hands in the air!

Just look at the chorus move! It’s just so… CUTE! And simple! It looks like they’re shaking off stress from their hands (that’s really what it looks like!).

I loved Yesung’s little kicking segment. Don’t ask me why.

The dance sequence satisfied me (Eunhyuk is just getting better and better at everything, I swear this man scares me). I thought it was interesting to note that the 4 dancers in the sequence where Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Donghae, and Kyuhyun (I think)… But definitely no Shindong. Hmm.

I have to say… At Yesung’s solo, the line spinning reminded me of Fiction. Not copying, just reminded me.

There’s this one part, after the 1st chorus, where they sing “gaja gaja” and have this… Penguin see saw rocking martial artist punching move. It’s sort of strange… But I’m really fond of it, no explanation as to why…

I’m sorry, this suddenly turned into a dance review. I just LOVE this choreography, it really BLOWS YOUR MIND with its simplicity …

OVERALL: Can I say this without being attacked? (Nah, attack me all you want I don’t care). I like this song, music video, and dance a lot more than Bonamana. It’s just simpler and cleaner. It’s a fun track to listen to. I really enjoyed this comeback, although I understand why many fans were incredibly disappointed. Anyway, this is probably going to be one of the funnest tracks of the year, IMPO.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit LoveKpopSubs6)

BONUS: I took some screenshots, thinking I would do individual vocal reviews… Hahaha, I didn’t, but oh well, here they are.

^ Kyuhyun

^ Siwon

^ Heechul

^ Donghae

^ Leeteuk omg this picture XD


^ Shindong

^ Sungmin, grrr face

^ Ryeowook, bad screen cap, but cute part of mv (“alright”)

^ Yesung, also grr face

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