Kpop Quick Review: Call (불러) by AA

(Requested by Nadia (^_^) Hello 2012!).

Because I have little time to dedicate to this blog, until notified otherwise I will only be reviewing songs that are REQUESTED. I am really sorry for this inconvenience, but I must dedicate a lot of my time to school. I hope you can understand me (>.<). – Izzy

(Note: This isn’t their official music video, or even their debut track (“Because I’m Crazy” aka “So Crazy” is their debut track). Isn’t this video cute though?)

“Call” aka “불러” aka “Bulleo” aka “Call Me” is the 3rd Track of AA (pronounced “Double A”)’s 1st Digital Single.

(Left to right: Woosang, Joowon, Aoora, Kimchi, Hoik)

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  • What a promising new rookie group!
  • Very, very sweet.
  • They must be on the other line of MYNAME’s “Message”!!! Just kidding, MYNAME’s “Message” is more about texting while AA’s “Call” is mainly about calling.
  • Turutururu…. BULLEO BULLEO BULLEO BULLEO BULLEO (repetitive, but catchy parts of the lyrics).


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