Kpop Quick Review: Call (불러) by AA

(Requested by Nadia (^_^) Hello 2012!).

Because I have little time to dedicate to this blog, until notified otherwise I will only be reviewing songs that are REQUESTED. I am really sorry for this inconvenience, but I must dedicate a lot of my time to school. I hope you can understand me (>.<). – Izzy

(Note: This isn’t their official music video, or even their debut track (“Because I’m Crazy” aka “So Crazy” is their debut track). Isn’t this video cute though?)

“Call” aka “불러” aka “Bulleo” aka “Call Me” is the 3rd Track of AA (pronounced “Double A”)’s 1st Digital Single.

(Left to right: Woosang, Joowon, Aoora, Kimchi, Hoik)

(Image credit


  • What a promising new rookie group!
  • Very, very sweet.
  • They must be on the other line of MYNAME’s “Message”!!! Just kidding, MYNAME’s “Message” is more about texting while AA’s “Call” is mainly about calling.
  • Turutururu…. BULLEO BULLEO BULLEO BULLEO BULLEO (repetitive, but catchy parts of the lyrics).


ABOUT: They want a girl to call them, because they really love her! And because she’s not answering, they’re afraid that she wants to break up…. Aww! Well… That’s pretty much the gist of it (mixed in with all the “don’t go”, “youuuuuuu”, etc).

OPINION: One thing I REALLY like about AA in general is how distinct each member is! It’s incredibly easy to distinguish who sings what in each of their songs, ESPECIALLY Hoik (and Woosang and Kimchi and Aoora… Maybe that’s just me). Knowing who the members are makes you like them more.

Anyway, back to the song. It’s sweet. The guitar(s?) in the instrumental really tone it out well. Can you imagine someone sitting down with a guitar on their lap, singing you this song? Yep, very pleasant (I would prefer someone dancing and singing their debut track, “Because I’m Crazy” for me… But those are my personal tastes).

This is kinda random… But I ADORE the repetitive scatting(?). It’s just so catchy and fast (which creates a bit of contrast in this mid-tempo track).


OVERALL: If you’re listening to this song, obey AA’s request: call your significant other when the song starts.

(English Subs, Spanish Subs (ooh~), Romanization, and Hangeul credit kslyricsworld3)


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