Kpop Review: La-Di Da-Di by CROSS GENE

(It has been a while hasn’t it? My apologies… I will still be busy this summer, but there will definitely be some new music reviews! – Izzy)

La-Di Da-Di is CROSS GENE’s debut track from their first mini album “Timeless: Begins”.

(left to right: Casper, Yongsuk, Shin, Takuya, Sangmin, and J.G.)


  • A composition of 1 Japanese, 2 Chinese, and 3 Korean guys? Completely digging this.
  • Super catchy song.
  • Super…. Interesting…. Choreography…..
  • Are half of the members part time acrobats/ninjas/bboys?!
  • Powerful and distinct voices! Wow!
  • The most Engrish song I have heard this year of 2012… In fact, it feels like 30-50% of the song is Engrish, haha.


The lyrics are those of typical clubbing songs: go dancing, meet an incredibly perfect chick, don’t stop the music, you’re driving me crazy, who’s that guy?!, I’ll make you fall for me, etc etc etc! Of course, there is a lot more to La-Di Da-Di (and any song for that metter) than just the lyrics.

VOCALS: May I introduce these amazing vocalists?

If you didn’t already recognize him for his strong vocals, you’ll see J.G (1 of the 2 Chinese members) as the guy surrounded by a million microphones. I LOVE his voice, is it obvious? Distinct, yet powerful. High range. Even in their other songs, you can clearly distinguish him (plus, he sings the amount of Yongseuk and Shin Won Ho combined). Man, he is killing me now-ow-ow.

Moving onwards:

2nd here, we have Yongsuk, who is obviously 1 of the 3 Korean members. His voice isn’t as distinct as J.G’s, yet Yongsuk is still pretty distinct (if that makes any sense at all). His vocals are pretty clear and strong. He’s a really well rounded character here… But this is just the vocal review, we’ll talk about dancing much later.

Next we have:

He should be familiar if you watch the kdrama ‘Big’. Not just the actor, Shin (aka Shin Won Ho) is a great vocalist as well!! The 2nd of the 3 korean members I’ve introduced, he doesn’t get as much parts as the others, but what he does get, he puts a lot of passion. There’s one part of La-Di Da-Di where he sings “saranghage doelji molla” (around 2:35 in the MV). Just listen to how he growls that, you may get that “whoaaa” feeling I got, haha.

More vocals?! Let’s continue:

(sorry for the long picture: I didn’t want to cut out Casper’s Weibo account from the bottom right corner, hehe).

Well, yeah. His stage name is Casper. Cute right? Anyway… He is the 2nd of the 2 Chinese members. If you can’t recognize him in this picture, he’s the one that likes the move and the curve and the look on the face. Agh, Casper. I’m not sure if he speaks enough Korean to include it in their songs? He seems to sing and rap EXCLUSIVELY in Engrish, which I find very interesting. He’s a pretty decent vocalist to begin with, but he’s a pretty good rapper too (La-Di Da-Di does not have any rapping however… Check out their other songs, like Sky High).

Last, but not least:

(Sangmin is our red main character here, J.G is on the right. The Weibo account here is J.G’s (see that Jianing Gao?)).

He doesn’t really sing? Sangmin (the final of the 3 Korean members!) has this small part and is pretty much in the background vocals most of the time unfortunately. If you heard that masculine “you make me la-di da-di” before the chorus, that was Sangmin. If you listen closely to Casper’s introduction, Sangmin is that echoing voice. Otherwise… He is busy doing flips and stuff. But that is not of the vocal review.

Overall, I LOVE THE VOCALISTS HERE. Ignoring the Engrish (which you should, since these guys could sing the Holy Bible backwards and make it sound good), they all sang wonderfully (especially our 3 main vocalists, WHOA). They sound great individually (I’m BEGGING for J.G to get a solo ballad) and together as a group. I have high expectations for this group so far.

RAP: Um… Did Casper’s introduction count…? It was cute, I suppose.

… You might be wondering “where is the Japanese member”? Well… He didn’t have any lines. So here we go:

Biggest picture for the biggest man, right? This is CROSS GENE’s leader and only Japanese member, Terada Takuya. He’s pretty well known already in the Asian celebrity scene, and now he’s made his (somewhat?) musical debut!

LYRICS: There aren’t any deep meanings to this song. A common question, though, is: “What does ‘La-Di Da-Di’ mean”? I wish I could know too, young grasshoppers. I guess it’s kind of like crazy or something. I mean, with an ambiguous lyric such as “you make me la-di da-di”…

MUSIC VIDEO: It’s nothing horridly shocking in the kpop world. Handsome boys dressed in nice clothing, each in individually strange rooms with strange lighting, posing for the camera and lip syncing. Random clips of their choreography, with the choreography in different rooms with different outfits each time. No particular storyline… However…

DANCE: … What in the world… I have to say, this is some of the most random dancing I have ever seen. There’s been a high range of reviews from fans, from “the choreography is so fun!” to “it looks [insert something negative that I can’t specify without offending readers here]”. My honest opinion?

The dance has no particular theme or signature part. For example, A Pink’s Hush had that hushing part of their dance; Super Junior’s Mr.Simple has the hand waving; BtoB’s Insane has generally a repeated chorus dance. This sort of repetition isn’t necessary for any choreography, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that La-Di Da-Di’s dance was just so RANDOM. From a meditating position, to knee bent Dragon Ball Z fusion dance, to knee bent tutting, to kpop style thriller, to praying, to kicking everything, to chest pumping, to… MAKING IT RAIN (-_-?). Also, their choreographer threw in a bunch of random handstands and kicks. Although it’s cool and shows off some of the talents of the members, it only makes the dance messier than it already is. It’s just too cluttered for me to give it a good opinion.

Although I found the choreography a bit… oddly pasted together… I didn’t dislike it. Especially the way CROSS GENE performed it. For such an unpredictable and active dance, they managed to perform it more well synced and full of energy than the average boy band. I never thought a kpop group could jump and throw money in the air so well together…

This may seem like a bad dance review, but it really isn’t. The summary of the above paragraphs: although the choreography wasn’t the most well put together, CROSS GENE managed to pull it off incredibly well, displaying further the talents of these young men as a group.

On another note, it’s interesting to me that they ALL seem to be good dancers. Unlike in other groups where there is the designated 1 or 2 best, every member of CROSS GENE danced really well! I guess half of the members did their handstanding business or ninja kicks… But they all performed the choreography at similar (and high) levels, which made this relatively random look pretty good.

OVERALL: I love this group, can you tell? They have a lot of potential in the future. Good vocals AND good dancers (and I suppose some fans will add “good faces”, but whatever). CROSS GENE is one of the few rookies that have caught my eye this year, and I hope they will continue to be this strong and attract more fans. In my COMPLETELY HONEST OPINION, La-Di Da-Di was a typical track, but it was CROSS GENE that made the song and video overall amazing.

Download LoveKpopSubs’ subbed version (with English, Romanization, and Hangeul) of La-Di Da-Di by CROSS GENE here. (Almost all of La-Di Da-Di’s music videos and audio have been blocked by their own company (-_-)).

BONUS! Sky High (English subs, Romanization, and Hangeul creditsujuaddict3).

(credit TUMBLR for almost all of the images and the respective subbers for their subbed videos)


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