Kpop Quick Review: Electric Shock by f(x)

Electric Shock is the title track of f(x)’s 2nd mini album “Electric Shock”.

(image credit allkpop)


  • Strong choreography.
  • I was expecting Amber to rap… When she started belting out those notes, it totally threw me off!
  • Maybe this was just me… But f(x) seems to like long hair in this song (minus Amber of course).
  • SM needs to take off the FREAKING ADS off of their music videos…
  • f(x) is BEGGING for some cheeseburgers! They’re so thin!
  • Maybe I think this way because it’s a pop song… But is it just me, or is everyone getting more lines, yet managing to sound good?!
  • WARNING! Screencap alert below! Slow browsing viewers beware!


ABOUT: Basically, the song compares love to an electric shock. It describes love as something a bit dangerous and overwhelming, as the lyrics say things like “like a black hole, I get sucked in”, “I’ve already gone past the limit”, and (my favorite lyric) “Doctor, what is this? I’m out of breath, and I have a fever!”

OPINION: Honestly… At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the song. I gave it a listen and didn’t think twice about it… But then that CATCHY NANANANANANANA got stuck in my head, so I listened to it a few more times. Somehow, although the song itself isn’t too conventional (they upgraded from “kpop-love-song” to “kpop-compare-to-love-song”, a very very small step), it just sounds like typical f(x) flavor. It’s hard to describe what I’m trying to say… Even though f(x)’s singles have all been incredibly different from one another, they all have one thing in common: they get catchy.

Also (this may have contributed to my growing admiration of the song)… I LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY. It’s just describes the song so well… For example, at the beginning, they have very sudden, abrupt moves (like… Should I say… AN ELECTRIC SHOCK… That was a pretty bad joke). The dance just looks so good…

I know I always say this, but I really mean it: I feel like f(x) has improved a lot.

There wasn’t as much super Luna vocals as I thought there would be, but it’s not her of course. SM needs to make room for every member of f(x) to get a few lines.

Sulli sounded cute (as usual) with the doctor line.

Krystal sounded good, as usual.

Victoria got a few more lines than before. Maybe it’s because they made Amber sing that Luna got less lines than average?

FAVORITE: Besides the choreography, there’s one part that Luna sings that I ADORE. It’s a very small part. It’s after the 1st chorus, where Luna sings (in Korean of course) “set the voltage, love me”. It just sounds really cool!

OVERALL: The more I listen to Electric Shock, the more I like it. If the song hasn’t already caught on to you, give it a few more tries, and watch the well fitted choreography. I can almost guarantee the “nanananananana” will be stuck in your head.

(English Subs, Romanization, and Hangeul, credit LoveKpopSubs)

BONUS: I was going to use these weapon screen caps for the pictures above… But I felt like it didn’t do Luna any justice, so here you go!

^ Victoria

^ Amber

^ Luna

^ Sulli



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