Mpop Quick Review: Wild Cursive (狂草) by HanGeng (韓庚)

Wild Cursive, aka Kuang Cao, aka 狂草 is Hangeng’s newest single from his upcoming 2nd Chinese solo album (*will update as soon as info is released and translated :P).


  • The lyrics are incredibly unique and fierce!
  • The song has a semi-epic fight feel to it (I say ‘semi-epic’, for it is energetic enough to fight in (?), but it’s chill enough so that your blood isn’t boiling over).
  • Their weapons of choice in terms of fighting that smoke/ink business are quite amusing hahaha.
  • The song, the video… It is all so interesting!


ABOUT: The easiest way to understand even the TITLE of the song… Is to go to wikipedia and look at this article here. ‘Wild cursive’ is an unruly, unrestrained scripture that is meant to be more artistic, rather than necessarily readable.

Now… Describing the song itself is a bit of a challenge. I’m not sure what the lyricist’s intentions were, but this is my interpretation:

At the beginning of the song, Hangeng makes a huge metaphor about the night creating a fire that cannot be cooled. He is saying that corruption is this strong fire, that spreads to anything near it and cannot be put out. Hangeng loathes this sort of evil, and thus he brandishes that ‘wild cursive’… Not literally though. I think the wild cursive can compare to his new approach on battling greed and the like. His methods of fighting back evil are unrestrained and unconventional, like wild cursive. Hangeng then sings “Only by bravely releasing your all of your frustration can you be happy”. I guess that form of  venting would be with this wild cursive. After that, Hangeng sings a few positive lines, such as “look, the ice layer is breaking; spring is near”. This may mean that the negative forces are declining. He then says “Brandishing wild cursive and letting out a roar with an unyielding attitude. Let me use wild cursive to write a new era”. If we continue on the earlier motif, I presume he wishes to freely and strongly remove the bad from the world and create a better generation.

PHEW. Perhaps the song wasn’t too tough to analyze…

OPINION: Ah, I only had one word at my first watch and listen: interesting. The song, the style, the video, the concept… All very interesting. I felt like I was watching a movie teaser (Mulan 3 or something) rather than a music video.

The electric guitar, that ethnic feel, this overall grungy sound… Maybe I have not listened to enough Mandopop, or music in general (haha) because the whole sound was just interesting to me compared to all of the sexualized American pop or the very romantic majority of Kpop… Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to his new album (especially with Hangeng’s Clown Mask teaser, SCARY WHOA).

The MUSIC VIDEO… Hmm. The 1st time I watched it, I was awed by the violence and their actions… But as I kept watching it, I just found myself getting more and more amused by trivial things. Like their weapons, as I mentioned above. They’re fighting against this smoking, evil force and they strike it with… A crossbow, a spiked club, a dagger, an axe, a sword, and a pony. Well… Sometimes a guy with a mask has the sword, and sometimes Hangeng has it. Whenever the masked guy has it, Hangeng gets a staff or a feminine mace or something. In addition to that, at the end Hangeng makes his main weapon a flag. Which is also a spear. I could ramble on forever, but I must continue.

This is a quick plot of the video. Snakes, spiders, and scorpions symbolize evil. Good bird chills with the music woman. Hangeng and crew witness the arrival of the dangerous smoke/ink thing. The two opposing forces meet, and Team Hangeng strikes. Despite their efforts, the smoke envelops their arsenal. They are disarmed and thrown off their feet. Even Hangeng falls from his steed. Although his comrades have fallen, Hangeng still rises with an intent to fight to the death… Suddenly, the bird from before makes way and wards away the evil. Gasp! It is the doing of the music woman! With this music woman, the Hangeng fighters equip their weapons and once again direct a unified attack at the forces of evil. The End. Cute, right?

FAVORITE: Mmm… Can I say I loved their game faces? Haha.

I love this guy here so he got 2 screenshots haha.

In the song though, I like the “hui wu kuang cao, bu qu zi tai kuang xiao” part. It sounds really good.

OVERALL: Mmm, overall? I like it a lot! It’s a different listen than average. Hangeng likes his songs about morals and good and evil, doesn’t he? Wild Cursive gives off a very strong message to all generations: fight what you know is wrong, and don’t be afraid. Fight what is wrong as unrestrained as the drawing style of Wild Cursive.

(English Subs, Pinyin, and Chinese, credit lilpinkfrog2)

BONUS: Hangeng Clown Mask Teaser – Til then wait for 7/3/2012!!!

(credit me (Izzy) for the screenshots… and the uploaders for their kind work!!)


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