Kpop Quick Review: I Love You by 2NE1

Quick Review requested by Megan.

I Love You is from 2NE1’s upcoming Korean album.

(image credit tumblr)


  • Whoa, a sweet romantic song from 2NE1? If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought there was a revolution within YG Entertainment.
  • I could imagine the producers forcing CL to reduce her usual fierceness in this song, haha.
  • I love you, OOOOOH, ooooh…
  • The music video is oddly sexy…(?)
  • WARNING: Screencap alert below!


ABOUT: This… Is another love song. It’s one of those budding types of love, where X is unsure about Y’s feelings towards X, and X isn’t even completely sure about Y since X is afraid of being hurt, but regardless X likes Y a lot. Now, onwards!

OPINION: At first, I was a little surprised for 2NE1 to do a song that wasn’t sassy like I AM THE BEST or I Hate You. However, as I thought about it, this kind of song isn’t out of the ordinary for 2NE1. One of their most popular (and one of my favorite’s of 2NE1’s) songs is I Don’t Care, which is an R&B track about the four letter L word. They released It Hurts a few years ago, a romantic ballad much more slowly paced than I Love You. Not to mention their other songs like Lonely and Please Don’t Go and their songs from old albums that I’ve probably never heard and their solos and AGH EVERYTHING….

… Anyway. Did the song catch onto me quickly? Not exactly. Then did it disappoint me? No, definitely not.

It has definitely grown onto me the more I listened. I don’t expect any musicians to restrict themselves to one or two genres. In fact, I think I would be a bit more disappointed if 2NE1 came out with a single that was yet another mindless pop track to add to their list.

So how do I feel about the song now? Well… Let’s just say I took a break during writing this review to make some noodles, and as I was waiting I unintentionally started singing this song…

I mentioned in the Points above that the music video was strangely sexy… As a girl, it would be awkward for me to explain. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t know, it fits the sound of the song, but not the lyrics.

FAVORITE: I must say my favorite part was the beginning, simply because the instrumental can be heard so clearly there! It gives the song a mysterious vibe and it just sounds cool.

If you were wondering what part I was singing (poorly) earlier, it was CL’s “I said ooh OOH ooh”.

OVERALL: I don’t understand some fans are saying 2NE1 is getting softer. A song like this, and especially of this content, is nothing new. This genre is not something new to 2NE1. If 2NE1 started chugging out cutesy songs from groups like Girl’s Day and Orange Caramel, I think I would be shocked then. If you became a fan because of their pop songs, this may not be your cup of tea. However, I would still give it time to catch on. Both the artists and the listeners should not be limited to a handful of genres of music.

(English Subs and Romanizationl, credit blissvanrussell)

BONUS: Screencaps I didn’t use in the end… And their dance video (more seductive than the music video, haha).

^Minzy… Feels like insomnia, ah AH ah… (Craig David/Wheesung)

^CL, at least half of her appearances she was behind freakin glass that was freakin rained on.

^Dara… She pulled it off much better than G-Dragon, that’s all I can say…

^Bom. She looks so innocent (0_0).


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