Jpop Quick Review: Koe Wo Kikasete by Big Bang (声をきかせて)

Heh, it’s the 1st of July. To celebrate, I’m going to post a bunch of quick reviews (I definitely have to cut out that long list I’ve made to the side). – Izzy

Koe Wo Kikasete (aka Let Me Hear Your Voice) is Big Bang’s 3rd Japanese single (note: Big Bang is a Korean boy band, but they are singing a Japanese song).

(These are personally my favorite hairstyles from Big Bang… Anyway).


  • DAESUNG. Need I say more? Yes. DAESUNG.
  • Very calming. It’s really beautiful.
  • Ah… The rap… 95% Understandable. A blessing.
  • The lyrics are really unique. I don’t know if it’s because of the way Japanese words are or if they wanted to write a song around this theme, but it’s really different.
  • I strongly question their locations in the music video.
  • Taeyang… No need to run like that,


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