Kpop Review: Sexy Lady by Wooyoung (2PM)

Sexy Lady is lead single from Jang Woo Young (of 2PM’s) solo album “23, MALE, SINGLE”.


  • What is up with all this sexy in Kpop these days?
  • Very catchy, club worthy.
  • I loved the choreography.
  • … The girls he was clubbing with were NO GOOD…


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Kpop Quick Review: Like a Movie by 2PM

Due to my heavy schedule and workload, I’m going to do quick reviews to touch up some music. Normal in depth reviews will still occur, however they will be posted less often as it consumes too much time (it takes a lot more thought than it looks to write those reviews!). In Depth reviews for any Quick Review songs can be requested on the Requests page. I apologize for this unprofessional behavior. – Izzy

Like a Movie is the 4th track off of 2PM’s 2nd Album “Hands Up”.


  • I love the theme of the song! They compare a relationship that has failed to work out to typical events in movies.
  • I’ve always like 2PM’s angsty pop songs, though this particular song had me questioning its balladability (2AM singableness, etc).
  • I like this song even better than Hands Up (and I usually like the upbeat tracks more).
  • WARNING: The chorus will sweep you away with sexy, brokenhearted voices and powerful instrumentals.


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