Kpop Review: Fiction by B2ST

Fiction is the title track from B2ST’s 1st full length album, “Fiction and Fact”.


  • The pen is part of the soundtrack…
  • Refreshing. I’m pretty sure all listeners can agree. Compared to their previous pop songs “Shock” and “Soom”, this song is incredibly soft and a sweet listen.
  • The lyrics are SO POETIC!!! Screw the typical “I’m missing her, I’m so sad wah boo hoo”. Read below to see what I mean.
  • I love Hyunseung’s carrot hair… Am I the only one who approves?
  • “Right now, I’m writing a story with happy thoughts. But as always, it’s nothing more than my dream.” (that’s what they write at the end of the music video, for those who need to know)


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