Kpop Review: Without You by BoM (Blooming of Our Music)

Without You is BoM’s debut song.


  • It’s not just heartbroken vocals: there’s heartbroken rapping too.
  • A very sweet and memorable chorus.
  • This isn’t your average ballad. The lyrics, though romantic, don’t exactly give off that overly used romantic vibe… (explained below)
  • Lovely vocals. But then again, they are a ballad group.
  • Do other ballad groups have rappers in them?
  • Why are people comparing them and Block B to 2PM and 2AM? (my opinion below).


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Fangirling: “[AUDIO] Mino & Kyung – Be Quiet” from 7ONTHEBLOCK

Finding the video: Showed up as UPLOADED by 7ONTHEBLOCK from my homepage.

“Hmm… Mino. Oh, Mino!!!”

(picture credit bontheblock)

(He’s going to debut with the stage name “Tagoon” in a ballad group called BoM, which stands for “Blooming of Our Music”. See info here at allkpop).


Clicks the video and watches.

0:07 – … This voice… Like the soundtracks in movies with temples. Chilling. But pretty. And deep…

0:27 – THEY JUST SAID “HEY ***** MO ******” 0_0 !!!!!!! Mino?!?!!

0:33 – He raps like a boss 0_0…

(More responses below)

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