Kpop Review: La-Di Da-Di by CROSS GENE

(It has been a while hasn’t it? My apologies… I will still be busy this summer, but there will definitely be some new music reviews! – Izzy)

La-Di Da-Di is CROSS GENE’s debut track from their first mini album “Timeless: Begins”.

(left to right: Casper, Yongsuk, Shin, Takuya, Sangmin, and J.G.)


  • A composition of 1 Japanese, 2 Chinese, and 3 Korean guys? Completely digging this.
  • Super catchy song.
  • Super…. Interesting…. Choreography…..
  • Are half of the members part time acrobats/ninjas/bboys?!
  • Powerful and distinct voices! Wow!
  • The most Engrish song I have heard this year of 2012… In fact, it feels like 30-50% of the song is Engrish, haha.


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