Kpop Review: Hello Hello by FT Island

Hello Hello is the title track from FT Island’s mini album “Return”.


  • It has this amazing circus feel (kind of like their song Love Love Love). It’s kind of dark, kind of exciting, kind of amazing.
  • Um, “hello hello, oh nan, COOL-PIE COOL-PIE”. (Yes, I know it’s goodbye, but he’s used it more than once repeatedly in multiple songs. By now, I would have hoped that he would figure it out).
  • This song gives a small, but glorious limelight to the other vocalist of the band, Jaejin!
  • A super impressive rap from Seunghyun.
  • I’m glad Hongki didn’t bring his guitar in the burning building!
  • The lyrics are pretty poetic, based around the multiple meanings of the word “annyeong”.


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