Kpop:Kissing You by SNSD

Okay! So we all know S.N.S.D as that cute girl group that shows either way too much leg or not enough. That’s for you to decide, but this blog entry is for me. Here’s my ever so wanted opinion on their song “Kissing You”.

Vocals: We all love Taeyeon’s voice. It’s, in my opinion, the strongest and most profound in the group. If you hear someone throwing in voice flips and tricks you can always count on it to be Taeyeon. MWA! Kisses to the queen of the group. Lets touch on Hyoyeon’s voice. I do love the heck out of this girl, and I strongly believe that SM entertainment does her wrong in the cute hair style/outfit department, but all her notes seemed WRONG. Her one line solo was a big no no. But hey, she’s the queen of dancing! Give the girl her props! Sunny. AWWW. Isn’t she just the cutest thing! I have fallen for Sunny’s aegyo! Her voice in this song was perfect. Cutesy song + cutesy voice= MASTER PIECE!

Lyrics: Amazing! Here’s the English translation to one of the most meaningful parts to me; “Tomorrow you are lying next to me in the warm sun. When i sing you a love song you smile the sweet & happy words I Love You”. That is the cutest thing. All ladies can relate to this whether they want the feeling or have it.

Overall Rating: Adorable! (scale of 1-10; 6)

I recommend this to all S.N.S.D fans. It’s too cute to ignore!