Mpop Review: Dance or Die by SIGMA (我得了 一種不跳舞就會死的病)

There is little information on SIGMA that I can find in English. I apologize for any inaccurate information. If there are any places where I can find more information on SIGMA, leave a comment and I will surely credit you 🙂 .

Dance or Die is a track from SIGMA’s first album SIGMA.


  • FLEAS!!!
  • The song and lyrics are quite original, in my opinion.
  • This song doesn’t have an official music video. Both the top and subbed videos are SIGMA’s dance practice for Dance or Die.
  • Attractive choreography
  • Catchy… Makes one want to move.
  • The title seems really threatening, but it’s describing a sort of sickness (read below to see what I’m trying to say).


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