Kpop Review: Tell Them by Block B (가서전해)

Tell Them is the title track from Block B’s 1st Mini Album “New Kids on the Block”.


  • Cute and catchy. It was described as a fun summer track afterall.
  • They’ve released a mini album 2 months after their debut… Have they changed or improved at all?
  • I know. I know. It’s not “Halo”. But we’ll discuss this below.
  • I love what they’re dancing in (yellow is my favorite colour… Although B-Bomb and Jaehyo are green… ANYWAY). I don’t know the concept, but since the album says “New Kids”… Hmm…
  • The Eusseuk Eusseuk Clap Dance! (… official English name is “Thumbs Up” dance…?)
  • Why is Taeil barely existent in the music video?
  • How can people say P.O is copying T.O.P? He has a totally cute and unique style here (and his rapping… Is it better than before or is this song just making him seem even more amazing?).


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