Kpop Review: Words that Freeze my Heart by Wheesung ft. Junhyung of B2ST

Words that Freeze my heart (aka Heartsore Story, Heart Aching Story, Heart Freezing Story, Heart Breaking Story etc) is the title track from Wheesung’s mini album “Words that Freeze my Heart”. The entire mini album was written and produced by Wheesung. However, he received help for his title track from composer Kim Do Hoon and B2ST’s Junhyung


  • He composed it! (With help, but still).
  • Good English pronunciation.
  • 2 mv versions: a drama version (shown above), and a Wheesung version (I made the version names up).
  • Very emotional vocals. It’s incredibly admirable, both Wheesung’s voice and the effort he puts into his music.
  • The ballad in general is very emotional and strong. It’s gorgeous ear candy.
  • B2ST’s Junhyung raps in it.
  • It’s poetic, describing the word “Goodbye”.


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Fangirling: “[Fancam] 110411 Lotte World – 유권 (U-Kwon)” from ohlilu92

Want info on “what the heck is this “Fangirling” thing on KrayPop? Visit our About page to find out!


Finding the video: Searched for “fancam u-kwon”

“Oh… U-Kwon!!!”

Clicks the video and watches.

0:00 – Oh, it’s a Wanna B fancaOH MY GOD HE JUST FLASHED HIS ABS?!!!

0:04 – This music XD XD XD boy don’t tease me XD XD what?!

0:08 – Should I be watching this?

(More responses below)

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Dance (SLOW/MIRROR): Don’t Stop/Freeze by Block B

I’m taking a break from deathly AP test studying to bring a treat:

Guess what it is… It’s a link to a mirrored and slowed dance version of Block B’s Don’t Stop/Freeze! Details below.

*Update: I made the video public and embedded it before the continue reading line. It also has English subs, credit kpopsubs1 and sasa1314sisi (although I grammarized some of it). Support Block B!

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Kpop Review: Don’t Stop/Freeze by Block B (그대로 멈춰라)

Don’t Stop (also called “Freeze”, “Don’t Move”, “Just Stop”, etc) is their debut single from their 1st mini album “Do You Wanna B?”. They debuted April 15, 2011.

*UPDATE: added video at the bottom with english subs/romanization/hangeul, CREDIT KPOPSUBS


  • Pretty sick beat if you ask me.
  • The song seems Western in comparison to typical kpop (about a girl? Check. About love? Not really..More about… Clubbing).
  • Many find that this new 7 member group is unoriginal. I admit, they do have many striking similarities to other older groups. However, I believe there is no such thing as originality in the kpop industry. Read below, near the bottom, for my extended opinion.
  • Sports cars. Is that sexual appeal in a way? As if these boys are rich? Maybe it appeals to guy fans (“Ooh! Car! SHINee“.)


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