Kpop Review: 0330 by U-Kiss

(Full Version)

0330 is the title song from U-Kiss’ EP “Bran New Kiss”.


  • 2 music videos: a “full” version (the video above) and a drama version.
  • Pretty melancholy and catchy.
  • A refreshing track from U-Kiss, who usually makes very violent-like (um, “Shut up” and “Man Man Ha Ni” aka “Am I That Easy”) electromagnetic mega autotuned pop songs.
  • Yes, “Bran” is spelled wrong on purpose.
  • The rap can be a bit questionable at first, to an English speaking fan (“La la ‘don’t deny our r squared pi’, wait what???”)
  • Introducing Mr. Amazing vocals Soohyun as the leader of U-Kiss
  • Introducing AJ, a new (well, actually widely known) rapper, and Hoon, a new (see (info) above) singer
  • Introducing… The departure of Alexander and Kibum (gasp!)


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