Kpop Quick Review: Don’t Spray Perfume by Teen Top

(Wasn’t planning on reviewing this (ahem, Tai Wan Mei), BUT I couldn’t not respond to the content of this song – Izzy).

Don’t Spray Perfume (aka No More Perfume on You) is the title track from Teen Top’s 1st mini album “Roman”.

(Only using the teaser picture because it entertains me to no end).


  • Why yes. These guys are jailbait. Mmhmm. They’re singing about loving a noona. Absolutely. Lots of women are going to prison soon.
  • The choreography is so… Interesting.
  • The song is also quite interesting…
  • Yeah. Chunji’s a player (how dare he).
  • Isn’t this an “unwholesome dating method”?
  • YES we all know it was filmed at the same place as the 0330 U-Kiss music video set.
  • Don’t worry dongsaengs. Teen Top hasn’t matured at all XD (read below to see what I mean)


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