Kpop Quick Review: Don’t Don by Super Junior

July 30th: Twins (Knock Out), U
July 31th: Don’t Don, Marry U
August 1st: Sorry Sorry, Super Girl
August 2nd: Bonamana, No Other
August 3rd: Perfection, new song hopefully

Don’t Don (“돈 돈! (Don’t Don)”, literally translated as “Money, Money! (Don’t Don), 돈 means money) is from Super Junior’s 2nd album Don’t Don in 2007.

(Image credit hyunjaeiskai)


  • This has that same dark rock feel as Twins (Knock Out), but has this bass that makes it more… Pop like, I guess (I like my bass heavy, though that has nothing to do with it).
  • No lovey lyrics!!! This is about how corrupt money is!
  • The choreography is sorta sexy… Just randomly…
  • Hello Henry ^_^. Love the violin solo.
  • The music video is so… Scary…..


ABOUT: They sing about how money is corrupt, and how people should look around and care for the sake of their future children.

OPINION: Don’t the lyrics open your eyes a bit? I love it!

The video is powerful: dark, dangerous, fiery (literally)… I can see both fangirls and fanboys wowing over this.

Heechul! I’m glad you got a more… Non feminine hairstyle… It looks like those ancient Japanese manga hairstyles… Really cool though (I don’t know why I keep picking on Heechul, he’s not my bias or anything…)

I’m just gonna say this: the machine gun pelvic thrusts totally threw me off. They scared the heck out of me. If I had one complaint, it would be that dance move haha (most ladies would disagree but…).

FAVORITE: The rapping (what is up with me and liking Super Junior rap?) and Henry’s violin solo. I admit, towards Henry I’m a bit biased (I play the violin and I think he’s underrated), but I don’t think a lot of people can deny how kind of awesome it is. I mean, a rock pop song full of angst that gets some powerful string action? Such a good combo!

OVERALL: Again, not all typical kpop lovers of this generation will appreciate this song. But if you like rock, or if you liked Twins (Knock Out), I’m positive this song will more than satisfy you.

(English Subs credit syupeojoonieo)


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