Album Review: “Let Me Explode” by EvoL

“Let Me Explode” (폭파해줘) is the debut 1st mini album from the new highly anticipated girl group EvoL from Brandnew Stardom Entertainment.

(image credit fuckyeahevol tumblr)


  1.  폭파해줘 (Let Me Explode)
  2. I’m sorry
  3. Magnet
  4. 우린 좀 달라 (We Are A Bit Different)


  • Like Block B, BNS did it again with their debut music video. Teases the audience with fierce music, delivers pop. It makes the listeners go hunt down the rest of the tracks though!
  • Well… None of the four songs on the mini album are technically “hip hop” (the closest being Magnet and Let Me Explode).
  • A general trend in the composition of the album: repetition in the songs.
  • There is A LOT more English in the songs than what you think, haha…
  • The girls have pretty strong voices, particularly Jucy, Yull, and Hayana.
  • How much part the did EvoL’s leader, Say, have in the composition of the music I wonder…
  • The album is pretty catchy, definitely an interesting listen.


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