Album Review: “XOXO” by EXO

(Wow… It has been a while. – Izzy)

“XOXO” is the first studio album from the boy group EXO (EXO-K and EXO-M).


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  1. Wolf
  2. Baby, Don’t Cry
  3. Black Pearl
  4. Don’t Go
  5. Let Out The Beast
  6. 3.6.5
  7. Heart Attack
  8. Peter Pan
  9. Baby
  10. My Lady


  • Hugs and kisses? Honestly, I’m hesitant to give either.
  • The ENGRISH is to die for (or it makes you want to die… Either one).
  • The choice of promoted single is in question, but it seems to be an SM trend.
  • Despite it’s less than stellar reviews, there are gems in the album.
  • For simplicity, I will review both Korean and Chinese versions together.


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Album Review: “Let Me Explode” by EvoL

“Let Me Explode” (폭파해줘) is the debut 1st mini album from the new highly anticipated girl group EvoL from Brandnew Stardom Entertainment.

(image credit fuckyeahevol tumblr)


  1.  폭파해줘 (Let Me Explode)
  2. I’m sorry
  3. Magnet
  4. 우린 좀 달라 (We Are A Bit Different)


  • Like Block B, BNS did it again with their debut music video. Teases the audience with fierce music, delivers pop. It makes the listeners go hunt down the rest of the tracks though!
  • Well… None of the four songs on the mini album are technically “hip hop” (the closest being Magnet and Let Me Explode).
  • A general trend in the composition of the album: repetition in the songs.
  • There is A LOT more English in the songs than what you think, haha…
  • The girls have pretty strong voices, particularly Jucy, Yull, and Hayana.
  • How much part the did EvoL’s leader, Say, have in the composition of the music I wonder…
  • The album is pretty catchy, definitely an interesting listen.


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Kpop Review: Without You by BoM (Blooming of Our Music)

Without You is BoM’s debut song.


  • It’s not just heartbroken vocals: there’s heartbroken rapping too.
  • A very sweet and memorable chorus.
  • This isn’t your average ballad. The lyrics, though romantic, don’t exactly give off that overly used romantic vibe… (explained below)
  • Lovely vocals. But then again, they are a ballad group.
  • Do other ballad groups have rappers in them?
  • Why are people comparing them and Block B to 2PM and 2AM? (my opinion below).


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Fangirling: “[AUDIO] Mino & Kyung – Be Quiet” from 7ONTHEBLOCK

Finding the video: Showed up as UPLOADED by 7ONTHEBLOCK from my homepage.

“Hmm… Mino. Oh, Mino!!!”

(picture credit bontheblock)

(He’s going to debut with the stage name “Tagoon” in a ballad group called BoM, which stands for “Blooming of Our Music”. See info here at allkpop).


Clicks the video and watches.

0:07 – … This voice… Like the soundtracks in movies with temples. Chilling. But pretty. And deep…

0:27 – THEY JUST SAID “HEY ***** MO ******” 0_0 !!!!!!! Mino?!?!!

0:33 – He raps like a boss 0_0…

(More responses below)

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Kpop Review: Tell Them by Block B (가서전해)

Tell Them is the title track from Block B’s 1st Mini Album “New Kids on the Block”.


  • Cute and catchy. It was described as a fun summer track afterall.
  • They’ve released a mini album 2 months after their debut… Have they changed or improved at all?
  • I know. I know. It’s not “Halo”. But we’ll discuss this below.
  • I love what they’re dancing in (yellow is my favorite colour… Although B-Bomb and Jaehyo are green… ANYWAY). I don’t know the concept, but since the album says “New Kids”… Hmm…
  • The Eusseuk Eusseuk Clap Dance! (… official English name is “Thumbs Up” dance…?)
  • Why is Taeil barely existent in the music video?
  • How can people say P.O is copying T.O.P? He has a totally cute and unique style here (and his rapping… Is it better than before or is this song just making him seem even more amazing?).


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